Porn and Pancakes


What are you having for breakfast? Porn and Pancakes, perhaps? If not, maybe you’ll think twice about it. I hear that the XXX Church is trying to get Pamela Paul to flip pancakes. If not, oh well, I’m sure they

The Screaming O - Toy Review


I have been trying out sex toys like crazy for my book

Walking again

070110_0069.jpg Another Bob Coulter pic.

My friend Abby is a fantastic and funny writer, and she’s done her own round up from Vegas. Read it here.

Otherwise I’m finally up and about and walking “around the cabin” today so to speak. Last night I went out to celebrate my first storytelling monologue ever (no paper, no notes) and uhm, celebrated a little too much and a little too long. I’ve been paying for it all day (sans puking).

Nothing Personal

IMG_1218.jpg Me, not being gay (with Chaunce Hayden)

I wanted to blog a bit more about my experience on Sirius Out Q 106 since now it


281922The Girls on Out Q_235x160.jpg

AVN wrote about us!!! Check out the article about the radio sexperiment (the show I just co-hosted on Sirius Radio).

Next, wanna see my ass? Or maybe just check out the trailer of the movie I produced (and had a non-sex role in) for Candida Royalle? Hint: You can see my ass revealing role towards the end of the trailer. When you get to her home page, look to the right (there’s a gray bar going down the side, and the link to the trailer is there, right below the headline recent news). Oh, and that fantastic music was created by my good friend Hercules/Jon (Yeah baby, I love good porno music)…

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Radio Daze

070110_0051.jpg Photo courtesy of Bob Coulter (It’s one of my other tattoos)

Radio daze. That’s what I’m in right now. Being on air makes me remember how much I miss radio. We had great conversations (see panty sniffing when you click on the continue reading link), and I even made Margaret Cho say “hey that was funny!” But enough about me, let’s talk about other things, like in the news:

Does porn need to go HD?

As first reported on Slate almost three years ago, porn in HD is not necessarily a good thing, and that’s not just for those of us who watch porn for the fantasy, but for the actors who now have to deal with the reality of imperfections. Of course, for those of you who like your sex real, and your porn real too, then HD will give you everything you ever dreamed of (and some things you might not have ever thought about).

The NY Times just caught on. This piece appeared in their paper yesterday.

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Tonight, Tonight

At 10PM on Sirius OutQ 106, you’ll hear me..yes little old moi, talking about girls and dating and girls and girls…The show is geared towards women, but men can listen to (10PM-1AM EST).

It’s all part of this “test” period, and although I’ve never been one to be excited about tests, this is one test I’m good for. Of course it’s not just me that’s being tested. My three lovely cohosts, and I do mean lovely, will also be up for the job (and believe it or not, for those of you who know me) I think they can talk more than I can!

Okay, so tune in and call in 866-305-6887, you can even get three free nights of Sirius by signing up with the link under “three free nights”!

And tonight’s special guest is Margaret Cho. She’ll be on at midnight EST. If you haven’t checked out her YouTube video “My Puss” you definitely should!

Now, lets talk about other things, things like oral sex!!

Here’s my question - what do you do if you have to fart while receiving oral sex? I’m just curious how you handle it…I mean, I don’t fart but if I did, well, then I’d probably try not to fart when my boyfriend was going down on me. But, sometimes it slips out, and then what do you do?

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Hey Mom and Dad, I’m on the radio!

Tomorrow 10PM. Listen to ME on Sirius Out Q for free. Yeah, that’s right, I’m hosting a show with no name.

I do have amazing co-hosts though. Ducky Doolittle, Diana Cage and Kathy Sanchez. We’ll be talking with Margaret Cho about fag hags and bathrooms and whatever else it is she wants to talk about.

This has been brewing for a while. Sirius is looking for hosts for a show on its OutQ channel, and regardless of what happens, this should be fun.

Tune in. Call in. Be all that you can be.

More details to follow….

Not a light topic

In Canada, an HIV positive man was sentenced to 4 1/2 years in prison for having unprotected sex with two women. When the women asked Vincent Walkem if he was HIV positive, he lied and then screwed them both without condoms. One woman is now HIV positive, while the other woman remained negative five years after her experience. I totally think this is absolutely disgusting, and that this guy is a creep and that maybe he deserves to spend his life behind bars, but 4 1/2 years, what a wacky number.

Now, the fact that this guy absolutely knew his HIV status and decided to lie to these two women (and possibly more) is outright unacceptable, disgusting and revolting, but I also have to say that this wasn’t rape, this was consensual sex, and these women agreed, consensually to have sex with this guy without a condom. Regardless of if he lied or not (what if he just didn’t know?) it is their responsibility to protect themselves too, and that doesn’t have anything to do with his HIV status. But still, like I said, he’s an asshole and creep and he knew what he had, and he knew what he was doing was the opposite of right, and he’s obviously in denial about the severity of what he’s got going on in his system.

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Sexed up Scarlett?


I may be swallowing my words on this one, but I’m not sure that I see Scarlett Johansson doing this. Okay, I totally understand that Jenna Jameson is the porn star who breeched the crossover market, but I’m not sure that her life story is more than a made-for-TV movie. And I totally see, after the above pic, Scarlett Johansson in a much naughtier light, but still, do I see these two together?

Stranger things have happened, like the fact that OJ Simpson almost had a book deal confessing his murder, so I can’t say I’d be completely surprised, but yeah, I think I’d be pretty shocked. And I don’t think that Johannson is necessarily right for the role, but that’s why I’m not a casting agent. And again I ask myself why do I care enough to write about this?

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