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IMG_1208.jpg (me after reading Cory Silverberg’s kind words on about.com - okay, not really, but it looks like how I might have looked).

First things first - have you seen this SNL Video? It’s probably NSFW, but it’s totally hysterical. One question - how many boxes were harmed in the making of this video? And how would you feel about a gift like this? I think if my gift was from Mr. Timberlake I’d be psyched, but that’s because I’m beginning to feel the tinglings of a major crush on the former front man of a boy band. I know - how original, right? But seriously, the dude not only sings (albeit like Michael Jackson) and dances (albeit like Michael Jackson) but he also acts (not so much like Michael Jackson). And he’s funny (and not in that scary way like Michael Jackson is)! And good! And cute! And…well, not so much like Michael Jackson.

Now, on to other things…like Cory Silverberg.

Cory, will you marry me? (P.S. - Don’t tell my boyfriend I’ve asked).

Seriously, I don’t know what to say, except - well, only negative things about myself, so I won’t say anything, because then it will sound like I’m insecure and stupid.. so yeah, Wow!

I made about’s list of “Favorite Sex Blogs 2006.”

In case you don’t want to click on the link, or maybe just to feed my uhm, confidence..here’s what Cory had to say:

“I was only recently introduced to sex educator and sex writer Jamye Waxman’s blog, but I’ve fallen in love with her personal, earnest and inquisitive sex positive style. People who end up making a living by writing about sex often create an elaborate on line personae that, when read over time, can wear thin. Whether it’s really her or not, reading Jamye’s blog feels like having a conversation with a real person, only the subject matter is always sex.”

Like I said, blown away.

And now that I’ve been blown away, let me just say that I know, and or read, most of the other bloggers Cory’s nominated and they all totally rock and roll. But if you’ve read my blog before then you already know that I know them, and if you haven’t then you’ll click on some other links and realize that we all know each other. Which is the interesting thing about being sex positive in New York City, or anywhere else. The community here is not as small as it once was, but not as large as say California, and although there it seems like everyone knows what it means to be transitioning, it’s totally not true, and still less true here in New York.

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For Christmas

Merry Christmas from me and the cat.

The following has nothing to do with cats.

Five ways I’d want my stocking stuffed this Christmas day.

1. With a Surprise Stuffing. The kind where you have no idea it’s about to happen, and then for reasons beyond your control, it’s happening. It would be like slipping it in at the last second. Could be a quickie, since you weren’t expecting it, or it could be slow and sensual and a pleasant way to pass the afternoon. The nice thing about this stuffing is that it’s totally unplanned and unpredictable.

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Spread Magazine needs your bling

I’ve copied and pasted the DL from AR :

“This past weekend, $pread got some very bad news. The company that runs our online store for subscriptions and merch is going under, effective immediately, which presents problems like: we don

Brainy Sex


From the Guardian online :

A newly married man whose sex drive became uncontrollable after he suffered a head injury at work won more than

Why does sex sell?

Why does sex sell? Is it because we just want to see what everybody else looks like doing it, or because it

Five reasons why I love giving hand jobs

Photo 4.jpg

Fine - he can do it to himself, but if you do it “right” then he’ll like when you do it for him too.

1. It gives me a chance to get slimed. Not actually slimed as in I’ve got a bucket of green goo poured over my head, but a hand job requires lube, and lube can be described as slimy, slippery, wet and gooey. So, pumping some lube - and I say pump because I love Pink - even if it comes in a glass bottle - which makes me ask why would anyone put something so slick like lube or oil in a glass bottle. Do you want us to break it? - then warming it up, and rubbing it up and down the shaft of his cock…that feels nice.

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Holiday Cheer


It is the the time of year for some holiday cheer, and this is about all the extra time I have today.

Just promise me that if you get one of these in your stocking, you won’t actually use it, okay? At least not without a condom, and at least not until after you determined it’s dead first.

Gender as an issue

In terms of my own personal weather forecast: I’m still under it. But after getting out of bed, and a few showers, the day is looking brighter and I


That’s the name of the game today. But I have a good excuse and it’s called a major head cold. It started yesterday, and progressively achieved what I’m hoping is full blown status right now. But I won’t know more about that until tomorrow.

So today I’m revising a script and procrastinating on the Internet.

Today’s procrastinations:

My friend Ducky Doolittle is one of the most fabulous sex educators I know. When her life story comes out (in book form) she’ll be on Oprah - but for now, check her out on YouTube.

And then if you’re looking for something different to watch, without words - there’s this drawing of a woman from the inside out. It’s pretty cool, even though it takes a while. But it’s totally interesting and semi-mesmerizing.

Gifts for giving: Pleasure - A Quickie Guide (2006)

Tis the season to be jolly, and there

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