Masturbation Survey and More

mainlyforrevjen 005.jpg The Magic Wand. Great for masturbation. Speaking of masturbation…see below…

Loving Mark Markford’s SF Gate piece on the Bush Administrations newest take on abstinence only education - It truly is laughable - both the piece and the proposal.

Leave it to the French to make a fantastic commercial for these condoms. (You don’t need to comprendez francaise to get this one)

And my complete, and shorter than I originally planned, masturbation survey is up. Please WOMEN complete this and PASS IT ON.

C’mon, you know you’re bored at work…this will pass the time.

(it’s on the next page, I promise)

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Sometimes I don’t want to think of a title

I only have one thing to say tonight, even though I have a lot on my mind.
Gray pubes (or grey depending on how you spell it) are sexy, so if you’ve got them, flaunt them….

(see below post if you don’t understand where this comes from).

Oh, and guys, if you could use birth control - and I’m not talking condoms here -would you?

Sperm-blocking contaceptive hope

Carpet and Curtains


Does the carpet match the curtains? It is one the most annoying questions you can ask a woman about her hair, especially when it so obviously means you

I’m on YouTube

If you don’t mind poor cinematography, bad lighting, awkward camera angles and a clip that just ends, totally uncut, then check me out on YouTube. (I’m giving some fellatio tips, which means it’s probably not safe for work, unless you’re wearing headphones and have your own cubicle, you work in the sex industry, or you work from home).

Also, tomorrow at 2PM EST, I’ll be on Maxim (Sirius Satellite) Radio with Amy Spencer. We’re going to talk about making fuck films, and fucking, fer sure. It’s called the Sex Files, so tune in and listen to me speak in my sexy radio voice. Oh, you can call in too.

The Hypocrisy of Hypocrites


There’s something so wrong with the fact that one of Playgirl‘s campus hunks is most likely a cold blooded killer. I just read this, here. It’s so last week, but I’m slightly ahead, yet behind, the times these days. If you’ve got the 2006 Campus Hunks issue of Playgirl (I’m still looking for mine), it might be worth a little extra something this holiday season - even if you can’t sell it on eBay… can you? When I tried to sell an unused vibrator on eBay, I got a not so nice warning, and the ad was removed.

I mean if this ex-gay porn star really did kill a man because he “hates gay people,” what’s he thinking? Is it okay to be gay for pay, but not really okay to be gay? I just don’t get it.

What I do find also worthy of pointing out, is that this “who we think someone is, verse who they are” theme is really running rampant right now in the press. I’ve included Mr. Boham and two other examples of “newsworthy” people that make you go hmm….

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Need an alibi

Look at the big fat liars fly!!!! Wonder if they’ll pop….

I am doing anything to procrastinate right now which makes me a procrastinator (how original!). I’m pondering the always asked, but never really answered question of why when one has a deadline that isn’t 24 hours from now, it is easy to push off said deadline? It’s not really a question worth answering, which might be why I’ve never cared to care, but it’s helping me procrastinate. I hate to admit that I work best under intense pressure, because I don’t necessarily think that is the case, but if I were under intense pressure right now, I’d be working.

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Insensitive Vagina

Interesting f*ckin’ factoid: The second 2/3(s) of the vagina can be operated on without anesthetic.*

That explains a lot of things that we don

I had a dream

Two nights ago I had a dream, but it was nothing like Martin Luther King when he had a dream. This wasn

On Fantasies


I’ll share mine if you share yours.

(It’s 11/11 - make a wish)…

Note: Answer the below questions and email me your responses. This survey is for women only. Feel free to forward the questions to friends near and far. Send me your first name (if you’re okay with that) and age along with your responses. I’m going to have an ongoing series of questions to answer, and I appreciate any help. Get as detailed and juicy as possible. Men, pass this on too. More questions to come!

email me:

1. What fantasies/scenarios do you think about when you masturbate?

2. What

They’re coming to take me away. Wait, who’s they?

If you haven’t read my Womens Health piece, you could now read it here!


And yay to the voters. It’s about time Bush’s bubble is popped…man, was he actually thinking this country still liked him? And what’s up with how awkward he is? Don’t they have a pill to cure that?

In semi-unrelated news, have you ever felt like you give off a certain energetic vibe, and then all you seem to notice are other people giving off that certain energetic vibe?

I’ve noticed a lot of crazies (see above photo) looking at me today. Through subway doors, on platforms, in the street, it’s as if they see me as one of them. And while I’d like to think that I’m not one of them, maybe I am more like them then I even realize I am.

I have a lot of nervous energy as a result of work. Not because I’m getting things done, but because I have a lot to get done. And I think the other nervous energy people see me and want to know me. They want to feel me, touch me, and…wait, no that’s from a musical about a pinball wizard.

They are calling to me. But my phone is off the hook.

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