My pussy

Silky. Smooth. Brown. Hairy. Furry. Loud. Quiet. Cute. Loveable. That is how I describe my pussy. Well, it’s not actually my pussy, but sometimes I pretend it is. I pet it. Stroke it. Rub it. Comb it. Feed it. Clean it, and do all the necessary maintenance so that I can get unconditional love from my pussy. I talk to it. Cuddle with it. Calm it. Coax it. You name it, I do it, cause I’ll do anything for my pussy.

Wanna see my pussy?
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Isn’t it hot? Dripping wet with excitement (or can you not tell)?

On another note from Waking Vixen:

NEW YORK, NY - $pread, a quarterly magazine by and for sex workers and their allies, presents Sex Worker Visions, an exhibition featuring art by sex workers and about the sex industry, at the LGBT Community Center David Bohnett Cyber Center at 208 West 13th Street, New York City, from March 29

Porn Poetry #2

Almost Ass
By Jamye Waxman

Her adult ad read that she was a girl with some class.
But I liked that it mentioned she took things up the ass.
Anal sex was always something I wanted to try.
But when most girls saw my dick, they wanted to cry.

At 9.5 inches it hangs rather large.
At 9.5 inches it

Porn Poetry #1

I don’t know where I got the inspiration for this one, but I got it nonetheless.

I was going to title it The Fart.
By Jamye Waxman (but I’m not sure if that’s a good title).

It started out slowly, hand under hair.
It started out slowly, to show me he

Self. Promote.

I hear they replayed my segment on 92.3 Free FM’s The Radio Chick yesterday. So, if that’s where you heard me, and now you’re checking me out (so to speak) welcome.

Just something you should know about me and this blog. It’s pretty active - and so am I. So if you happen to look back and notice that I haven’t written for the past two days, don’t take it as a sign that I’m not going to write again for a while. Just understand and appreciate that life happens and sometimes this blog can’t.

Now, that being said. Let me offer you a sex tip to keep you coming back.

Doggie style and missionary sex with her legs up on your shoulders are good positions for deeper penetration. Now, if you’ve already got a really large penis, and you’re afraid of going too deep, stay away from these ones. Let her ride you either facing you or facing away from you (a position known as reverse cowgirl).

Okay, more tips.

Ladies, flick the frenulum when giving a bj. The frenulum is located on the underside of the penis, and it’s at the place where the head of the penis meets the shaft. It’s easier to see on circumsized men, but it’s there on all guys. It sort of has a V shape.

Men, the clitoris is the only organ in the human body designed for the sole purpose of pleasure, and it’s got 8000 nerve endings, way more than the head of a penis, which happens to generally be the most sensitive part of a man’s genitalia. But, the clitoris isn’t only the tiny nub that you can see from under the clitoral hood. The clitoris extends back, beyond the head. It has a shaft that you can feel by rubbing on the hood of the clit. It has legs that you can’t feel, but that feel good to touch by rubbing along the lips of the vagina.

Want to learn more about the G Spot and Prostate? Click here and listen to my podcast.

Also, if you’re a female and interested in having sex on a film for the internationally known female director who essentially started the couples genre of adult erotic, drop me a line. We need to talk.

Oh yeah, and I’ve got a new post on

Thanks for stopping by. Whether it’s your first time or you’ve been here before. I do appreciate your business. (How fast food like). Please write. Read. And come again and often.


I’m on the Derek and Romaine Show right now. We’re talking about getting caught having sex in public. Is sex in public legal if it’s in a van as opposed to a car? Is sex in public legal at all? Inquiring minds want to know.

A Man’s Right to Her Baby

This article caught my attention in yesterday’s NY Times.

It’s all about unwed fathers and their right to be a single parent if the mother decides to carry the fetus to term and then put it up for adoption. I must say it’s not something I had thought much about, although I’ve always followed the work of Dr. Warren Farrell, who, while not mentioned in this article, probably had a hand in bringing it about.

Of course, it’s not easy to file for custody of a woman’s fetus, especially if the man isn’t with the woman anymore. There are 30 states that have a state putative father registry, and apparently in some states the father must actually claim paternity, while in others it’s all about the possibility of his fathering a child. In other words, if he’s just had sex with a woman, and thinks she might have gotten preggers, he can call up the registry and register as the possible father to Lady X’s baby. Even if she never conceives, he’s now, in a sense, covered his ass. But if the father claims paternity after an adoption petition is filed, he has no chance of ever taking custody of that child.

Such an interesting story about an often overlooked portion of the potential parenting population. And while it is the woman’s right to initially choose what happens to her fetus, if she decides to birth it and then give it up for adoption, shouldn’t the father have a right to decide if he wants to raise the child?

I think the answer is yes. Of course, it all depends. I talk about it a little, and them some other things too, this week on my podcast. *The other things include the G Spot and the Prostate.

Now, unrelated, but on the topic of sex, the FCC is ass damn backwards. Yes, that’s right. Apparently they’re slapping $3.9 million fines on a TV show that portrayed a not too explicit, but explicit enough, teen sex orgy.

C’mon, like teens aren’t having sex. Unfortunately we (meaning anyone who reads this is the United States) live in one of the prudest of countries. Sex is wrong, but violence, well, that’s alright by us.

Sex in the form of rape is okay, because that’s not consensual. And so is murder and fighting, (the FCC loves that kind of shit). This is the problem though. Sex is natural, even if the FCC wants to believe it’s not. Sex is something almost all of us will try at some point in our lives and it’s something we will try to enjoy when we do it. So tell me again why we can’t watch sexually suggestive material on TV? Why we can watch blood and guts without worry, but why is sex so wrong, wrong, wrong?

It’s sex dammit. Not brutality. It’s about exploration, mutual understanding, love or like. It’s about connection. How do we beat that into the FCC?

A different type of casting call

Crotch shot.

On, Tuesday night - I’m co hosting the Derek and Romaine show on Sirius Sattelite Radio from 7PM - 10PM. Tune in and call in too!


Live Blog

Lots of people have been liveblogging things like Awards Shows or TV, so tonight I decided to live blog a moment in my life.

The foster cat snores. And when he’s not snoring, he’s making strange meows or snorting, or licking himself. Poor guy, never got to copulate before getting his balls chopped off. Wonder if he knows what he’s missing? duh, of course not.

How will I sweat out this cold? The acupuncturist gave me this tea to help me sweat out this cold. Specific instructions too. Take at night, after dinner, and after going out for the night, because the tea will make me more susceptible to getting sick. He said it will open me up. What does he mean by open me up>

This tea doesn’t taste bad, but there’s too much to go in one cup. I’m sitting here in a hat, three blankets, two sweaters and still I’m not sweating. I’m supposed to sweat this cold out. I may have to put on the contents of my closet to sweat tonight. After I’m finished I’m supposed to drink soup, but I’m not really hungry. I guess right now I should focus on the sweat. Truth is, I’m focusing on the blog.

Done typing. But can’t be done. Haven’t even started thinking for the night. Well, I have, I mean I’ve been thinking all day but for reasons I can’t get into, and for other reasons I can’t get into without getting into those reasons, I can’t say more. That makes it hard to say anything. Say Anything. I loved that movie. What ever happened to Ione Skye?

The tea is making my nose stuffed again. Not that it hasn’t been stuffed all week - it has been- but now it feels more stuffed again. Good thing is I’ve learned to sleep on my back. That’s something I’ve always wanted to do more of. I’ve heard it’s bad to sleep on one’s stomach, and right now it’s definitely hard to breathe that way.

Decided to put my large, long, puffy green jacket over the rest of my ensemble. Hoping this helps induce sweat. The cat’s looking at me funny. I think he thinks I’m leaving. He doesn’t like it when nobody’s home. At least that’s what I like to think.

I feel like the Pillsbury Doughboy. Time to surf the web because I have ADD. I’ve found a new site.

The host of Press Your Luck died this week. In a small plane crash. Guess he finally hit that whammy.

I should probably finish this tea. It’s not so hot anymore. I’m not sweating and I don’t want soup, but I promised the acupunturist that I’d have soup when I finish drinking. Must finish drinking.

I love that the cat can sleep through anything. Even a dog barking outside.

Went back to Dead or Alive. I just can’t get enough.
She’s dead.
He’s dead.
And so is she. This is depressing. I think it’s time to read, or sweat, whichever comes first.

Ever want to do adult?

Sidenote: The girl appearing with me in this picture has never wanted to do adult.

So I made a quick call to an old acquaintance today, who reminded me that if I need to get something done, the best thing to do is put it on the blog, and then ask people to link to it. Sometimes I forget the power of this Internet thing. Okay, here goes.

I’m casting for an adult erotic video to be shot in New York City (or very nearby) the first full week in April. The director is Candida Royalle, a well known pioneer in the field of erotic cinema, and she’s got a certain large percentage of the market when it comes to couples friendly and women friendly erotica.

This is going to be a BIG production, meaning that it’s guaranteed international distribution. I still need one male lead, preferably well endowed - not my preference, but the preference for the movie and then the following female leads…

Girl - In her late 20′s, 30′s or 40′s. Must be able to act her way out of a paper bag but doesn’t have to worry about winning an Academy Award, although there’s always an AVN award. This role calls for someone who looks somewhat conservative on the outside, but really likes to get down on the inside. This character will be involved in one sex scene, and it will be with a man of (hopefully) significant proportion.

Girl - Again, same age range, same acting ability, only this character is a dominatrix who takes her work very seriously. Her sex scene will be with another woman, and she must actually like being with women.

Butch Girl - Acting required once more. Preferably a woman who looks mid - late 30s. Must be attractive, yet have that certain edge that makes her tough. She will be the other woman in the dominatrix scene.

Girl - Acting out of a paper bag again a necessity. Mid - late 20s or above. A roving reporter who’s always interested in getting the scoop. She will have a scene with another man and a woman, which I guess in technical terms is called a threeway.

Girl - At least 35 years in age (or has to look over 25), preferably even older. She is an established writer figure. Will be invovled in that threeway scene mentioned above. And did I mention, she must have the ability to remember and return lines as if she’s not reading them?

Girl - Anything goes with this one. She’s got a solo scene with toys! And yes, she’s got words too!

Serious inquiries only. Should be in the New York area at least from April 5-10, 2006.

Email me at

And yes, I am serious, very serious, and yes, you should reply as soon as possible if you’re interested. With pictures. And a contact number.

An open letter to Mister Softee

Dear Mister Softee,

It’s only March 13th and the not so delicate sounds of your ice cream truck are wafting out my window. I first saw you at approximately 6:21 this evening, as I walked quietly up my front steps. This can’t be, I thought to myself, looking up at the third floor window where I happily reside. It’s too soon, I felt my heart fill with panic. Not yet. How could this be happening? As thought’s of horrible things that could happen to a Mister Softee, not unlike yourself, scurried through my brain, I scurried up the steps. I had to share the bad news.

Think about it. You could be savagely attacked by a gang of rabid chocoholics. Or, a child over hyped on sugar, could take a bite out of your arm, mistaking it for one of those yummy sugar cones. Maybe some neighborhood gang will try to make you a member, and then you’ll have to scurry away before they initiate you, and since you’ll have to leave quietly, there’s no way you can play that godforsaken music.

It’s not ice cream season, although apparently it is. How? What? When? Why did this happen? Should I blame it on global warming? I mean there is no rhyme or reason for the unseasonably warm weather New Yorkers are feeling this early in March, so could it be, that they let you go from park to drive a tad bit earlier this year? Is that what’s happened to you Mister Softee? Has winter been so hard? Hard..hmm..that reminds me, Mister Softee, how did you get that name? Does it have something to do with your performance outside of the truck? If so, I can refer you to some excellent materials.

Let me ask you this, what exactly is that ideal temperature for a Mister Softee? What average temperature allows you to don your ice cream cone cap and red bowtie? How do you get children who haven’t thought about you all winter creaming for ice? Funny thing is, winter isn’t over yet. So why are you selling ice cream in the winter? I know it’s warm here, but that doesn’t mean you should be out yet. I guess there’s something about 60 degree weather that makes Mr. Softee break out of his winter ho hum and shine like the superstar that the neighborhood children make him believe that he is. Is that it Mister Softee? Do you like being the center of attention? What is it that makes you tick?

Speaking of ticks, what’s up with the damn music? I mean, I know it gets the attention of the neighborhood yokels, but for those of us who don’t scream for ice cream, it’s unfair to have to hear it. It’s not cool that it sticks in our heads, pours through our walls and windows and continues until the sun goes down. I don’t care how happy you make the neighborhood children who yearn for your sweets, you’re not making me happy.

So drop the music Mister Softee. Drop it NOW.

© Copyright Jamye Waxman M.Ed.