May 07, 2021

The Final Blow-down

Youíve been stroking, sucking, licking and making lots of noise, and now itís almost time for him to come.

The homestretch:

Continue the motion thatís got him rockiní hard. If your mouth gets tired, change it up with a hand. Itís important to remember to keep the WMP going at this point, so if youíre drying out at all, use lube!

Cup the balls. Lightly, or not so lightly, depending on how he likes it, take your hand, make a C shape and insert his balls into the palm of your hand.

As he gets closer to his personal peak, go for that million $ spot, or head even further back to the prostate. The prostate is a gland that he has and it helps produce semen. You can access the prostate through the million $ spot, but you can also go right in the bum and give it a good rub down. Of course youíll need to enter slowly and smoothly and if itís yours, or his, first time going back there, enter in the minutes, or seconds, before he comes, and go in only as deep as feels good for him. If heís into it, trust me, heíll want you to go there again. If he asks you what youíre doing, just tell him to relax and enjoy the experience. If you stay sure of what youíre doing, thatís a TTO or total turn-on.

Now, the next big question Ė do you spit or do you swallow?

I say if youíre not comfortable swallowing his semen then donít, even though itís not usually that bad. If he insists that you swallow his man-made juices then offer him a teaspoon of them first, and see if he eagerly laps it up. If he does, then you may want to try just once, at least for his efforts. If not, still your choice, Iím just saying. If you donít want to swallow then tell him that you want to watch him come, or spurt, or whatever term turns you on. Tell him you think itís so sexy to see him spray and encourage him to make it visual. Guys love visuals, so encouraging them to be visual is hot, hot, hot.

If you can, and want to, swallow then by all means go for the goo. The further back you go, the less youíll taste it. You can also aim the tip of his penis at your cheek, for less of a taste than if he hits smack, dab and center. And you can always let him come in your mouth, and then spit it back down his shaft on your next downward movement.

If his semen is really bitter odds are he eats a lot of meat, drinks a lot of alcohol, smokes cigarettes or has some other vice (donít we all?). If he can cut back on these ďbad for you good thingsĒ then his semen may start tasting a tad bit better. Of course, he can also incorporate a bit of pineapple juice, mint or parsley into his diet, at least 24 hours before and see if that helps, and ladies you can try this too.

Positioning Sex

Even though this is something youíre going to figure out at the beginning, when it comes to positions, he can be on his back and you can be facing him, watching him with your eyes. He can also be on his back and you can be sitting on top of him, on his stomach and he can be watching your behind as you go down. The good thing about this position is that, with a majority of men, youíre actually going down with the curve of their penis this way, and that means you can take more in then you would if you were sitting in between his legs.

I love the power positions, meaning heís standing and youíre in between his thighs. Start by gently kissing his feet, up his legs and then make your way to his balls and his other goodies. You can play ďbobbing for dickĒ and use mouth, no hands. He can also help guide his dick into your mouth this way. Power is such an integral part of oral sex (both for the giver and receiver) and itís nice to exchange it between the two of you.

Thatís also why you can put him in the more compromising position of doggie style, this may work better before he achieves full erection, which means placing yourself by his ass. Then bend his rod gently towards you and suck away.

Another position is sideways, where one of his legs will provide additional support to your neck. Itís also a position that feels safe.

If youíre sitting or standing and you let him enter you (you give up some power in this position as well) he can go in deeper. Of course when heís in the back of your throat you canít breathe, so make sure you keep your hands on his upper thighs, or in a triangle shape on each side of his balls with the two pointer fingers meeting on the pubic mound, so you have some say in just how far back he goes.

Good sex toys for boys and blow jobs

Masturbation sleeves. Masturbation sleeves arenít only great for solo-stroking, they can make a blow job even easier too. Put one on your mans erect penis and then suck only till the point where you hit the sleeve. Let your saliva dribble down into the sleeve so he feels the WMP down his shaft, and you can even use a hand to move the sleeve up and down. Plus when he comes you can scoop up the semen in the tip of the sleeve and wash it out for easy clean up.

Vibration. A vibrator or a vibrating cock ring can be a great way to add the buzz to a blow job. With the vibrating cock ring you just place it over his erect or semi-erect penis and leave it in place (either around the base of the shaft, or around the shaft and under the balls) and go to town on his manhood. With a finger vibe, or even a vibe that you hold on to, like a pocket rocket or mini Slimline, run it up and down the raphe (the seam on the underside of his penis), tease the head or the place where the head meets the shaft, try it on the balls and head back to his million $ spot and add vibration there. Odds are heíll love it!

A pearl necklace. (thanks Lou Paget!). Take one of those fake pearl necklaces, or a silk scarf, and wrap it around his penis, moving it up and down over his shaft (youíll need to use a hand for that one). You can also wrap it around the balls and tug lightly on them as you go downtown.

Butt stuff. A butt plug in his ass might work wonders too. Especially since it presses against his prostate. Get one that will stay in place, and make sure it has a flared base. Of course if he likes the fucking motion get one thatís long enough to fuck him with while you suck him off. Ooh la la!
I know thereís more to say, and so Iíll try to update this regularly. Iím also hoping to put this up as one big tip sheet somewhere else on my website (but give me a few weeks on that one).

Until then remember....a blow job is one of the only times in life that you want to suck! I'll be here all week, try the veal!

Posted by jamye at May 7, 2021 04:57 PM