May 04, 2021

Giving Good Head Part Two

Let's continue with the blow job. For the first part, see the post from yesterday.

Today, let's focus on techniques.

Disclaimer: Sex has been around for like ever, so there's no reinventing the wheel, even though I'm hoping one day to find a technique that hasn't been written about, but odds of that happening are smaller than Lindsay Lohan staying sober. Anyway, here are a few things to do when you're going down.

14. Breathe on his penis. Literally blow on his penis before you ever put it in your mouth. Your warm breath near his sensitive areas will drive him wild.

15. Lick the tip. Tease the penis before you go down, and then when you really go down, as in penis-down-your-throat-down, take those first few times (before you add your hand into the mix) and make it like your exercising your mouth. Suck one, two, three and lift. Suck one, two, three and lift. Removing your lips from his cock every few sucks is all part of the big tease (also known as foreplay).

16. Use tongue. Cover your bottom teeth with your tongue, and then use the tip of your tongue to stroke his shaft and tickle his frenulum (see how to give good head part one for a description on where this is). You can tease him by licking your tongue up and down his penis, try tracing his raphe, which is the "seam" on the underside of his rod.

17. Mind the stepchildren. That means play with his balls. That also means you shouldn't forget his legs, thighs and other body parts. Take a break and suck on his toes for a while. Pretend their tiny cocktail wieners and show them some love of their own.

18. Find your rhythm. We all have our own unique way of marching to the beat, so find the way that works for you, and use it to your fullest advantage.

19. Hand job is a part of blow job. Don't forget to use your hands. Your hand, attached to your mouth, in an open fist shape is the ideal way to go down. This way there's no worry about deep throating, and you're getting down farther than you would without your hand, and because of the WMP (see gghpo) he won't know the difference. Of course where you use your hand may depend on if he's a shaft man or a head man. Different guys like the feelings associated with different parts of their penis.

Okay, once you're going down on a mission, you want to do some things to change some other things up...

20. Add a twist at the tip. Next time you use your hand, try, when you get to the head of his penis, not the tippy, tippy top but the actually head (read:not shaft) twisting your hand as if your unscrewing a jar. Only do this on the head of his penis. It's that type of wrist motion that can put him over the edge. You can try some circular action around the head of his penis with your tongue too.

21. Taut skin. Hold the skin at the base of his penis taut (that means tight) while you move your mouth up and down over the first one or two thirds of his shaft and head. It will make him more sensitive during the blow job.

22. Hum. Use your mouth to make a humming sound and try doing that while you go down on your guy. This makes you like a human vibrator!!!

23. Tap it. Tap the head of his penis on the tip of your tongue. Yes, it's very pornstarish but lots of guys really like how it looks and feels. And it's kind of fun to use his penis like that. I can't explain why, but it is.

24. Add sex toys. Your dude will like mellow vibration. He may not know it yet, but he likes it. Add a vibrator to the shaft, the balls, the head, the bum, or the million dollar spot (see yest. post - gghpo) and give him extra pleasure.

More to come...

Posted by jamye at May 4, 2021 11:54 PM