January 29, 2021

The Screaming O - Toy Review


I have been trying out sex toys like crazy for my book ďThe M WordĒ and for my own personal pleasure, and Iím really enjoying the variety of options. Iíve tried out three toys in the last three days, and hereís the first in a series of reviews:

The Screaming O Vibrating Cock Ring. Iíve tried two versions of this one, and I really like the power, even though the first cock ring stopped working in the middle of me riding cowgirl. And then was a bummer, as opposed to a buzzer, which was what I was hoping would continue to happen as I enjoyed the rest of my ride. I emailed the president of the company, seeing that I had just met him at the porn convention/expo, and when I asked him, ďHave you ever heard of one of these cock rings shutting off by themselves in the middle of sex?Ē he seemed a tad bit surprised.

This is what happened. I was on top, pressing in to my partner because I like, and often need, clitoral stimulation during penetration in order to get off (that makes me part of the majority of 70% of women who require the same) and while I was pressing into my partner, the switch, located on the side of the bullet, which is located in the disposable, pink jelly cock ring, found a way to switch off. And after stopping the action in order to switch it back on, we soon discovered that the switch was totally stubborn and refused to stay on. We went back to a trusty vibe, one that I had to hold, to finish the job.

But then he sent me some other cock rings, so I tried another of The Screaming Oís, called the Screaming O Plus as well. Itís thicker, in both the ring and the bullet, then the Screaming O is. I didnít like it quite as much, because I felt like it actually hurt my clit when it pressed down on me as we fucked, and that it wasnít as easy to make direct contact with both my partner and the vibe, which was much easier with the first, thinner version of the Screaming O. I also felt that because of itís bulkiness, it didnít have as much power as the first one, but it didnít shut off, not once, during sex.

So I think the Screaming O is a good cock ring, especially since I like the power of the original and found out the next day that the ring worked again (only to find out later that it stopped) Ė talk about temperamental. And while the pleasure nubs designed for me do absolutely nothing for me, my man didnít seem to mind wearing the ring. For $7.50 itís a cock ring that I can confidently say is worth a try, and even though itís good for one use (or 30 minutes worth of quickies) itís great for those who donít want to commit to one cock ring for the rest of their lives (as if ;)

And thatís my first two cents on the product. It comes individually wrapped in a small, plastic pouch that made me feel like I was about to get a candy treat. Itís made of a gel material, which might mean jelly rubber, but it doesnít smell bad and itís not going inside of your pussy so itís safe. He wears it over his shaft (think up to the balls) or can even tuck the bottom of the ring behind his balls. And itís worth a try, especially if it means youíll try something new!

Posted by jamye at January 29, 2021 05:39 PM