January 24, 2021


281922The Girls on Out Q_235x160.jpg

AVN wrote about us!!! Check out the article about the radio sexperiment (the show I just co-hosted on Sirius Radio).

Next, wanna see my ass? Or maybe just check out the trailer of the movie I produced (and had a non-sex role in) for Candida Royalle? Hint: You can see my ass revealing role towards the end of the trailer. When you get to her home page, look to the right (there's a gray bar going down the side, and the link to the trailer is there, right below the headline recent news). Oh, and that fantastic music was created by my good friend Hercules/Jon (Yeah baby, I love good porno music)...

A new note on the radio show: I'm out as in not on Out Q, out. I don't think it was the right fit for me anyway, seeing that I'm not necessarily "queer" (although I hate labels) but, the others are still trekking foward. Tune in and enjoy!

Posted by jamye at January 24, 2021 06:51 PM