January 23, 2021

Radio Daze

070110_0051.jpg Photo courtesy of Bob Coulter (It's one of my other tattoos)

Radio daze. That's what I'm in right now. Being on air makes me remember how much I miss radio. We had great conversations (see panty sniffing when you click on the continue reading link), and I even made Margaret Cho say "hey that was funny!" But enough about me, let's talk about other things, like in the news:

Does porn need to go HD?

As first reported on Slate almost three years ago, porn in HD is not necessarily a good thing, and that's not just for those of us who watch porn for the fantasy, but for the actors who now have to deal with the reality of imperfections. Of course, for those of you who like your sex real, and your porn real too, then HD will give you everything you ever dreamed of (and some things you might not have ever thought about).

The NY Times just caught on. This piece appeared in their paper yesterday.

Porn star Jesse Jane says that HD is "forcing" her to get another BJ (boob job) although if you've ever seen her BJ before, you might wonder why it's taken her son long to fix it (thanks HD!) And while I agree with Robby D. that high def does bring you "in the room" or at least as close to "in the room" as watching a sex scene on TV might allow, I'm just not sure that I want to be right there, with you. Still, I'm just one of many, and although a lot of porn starlets agree that HD isn't their chosen method of viewing, it's got to have an audience or the demand wouldn't continue to grow. So, I'll choose to buy my porn the way I want to watch it (or better yet, I won't get an HD TV) and you watch your porn your way.

Now, sniffing - one of the hot topics we apparently couldn't get enough of last night. Have you ever sneaked a sniff of panties?

I don't know if any of my lovers have ever sneaked a sniff. I'm sure I've sniffed my live-in lovers undies, only to see if they might need a washing (is that true love or what?), but I don't know if he's ever gone in the dirty laundry and done the same for me. And I don't know if that's the same as panty sniffing, since "panties" usually refer to those of the female kind.

Still sniffing seems like a big thing, and selling those soiled undergarments might be an even bigger business. I do have a friend who got banned from paypal for selling her dirty underwear online. But really, I ask, is that so wrong?

Posted by jamye at January 23, 2021 02:34 PM