January 22, 2022

Tonight, Tonight

At 10PM on Sirius OutQ 106, you'll hear me..yes little old moi, talking about girls and dating and girls and girls...The show is geared towards women, but men can listen to (10PM-1AM EST).

It's all part of this "test" period, and although I've never been one to be excited about tests, this is one test I'm good for. Of course it's not just me that's being tested. My three lovely cohosts, and I do mean lovely, will also be up for the job (and believe it or not, for those of you who know me) I think they can talk more than I can!

Okay, so tune in and call in 866-305-6887, you can even get three free nights of Sirius by signing up with the link under "three free nights"!

And tonight's special guest is Margaret Cho. She'll be on at midnight EST. If you haven't checked out her YouTube video "My Puss" you definitely should!

Now, lets talk about other things, things like oral sex!!

Here's my question - what do you do if you have to fart while receiving oral sex? I'm just curious how you handle it...I mean, I don't fart ;) but if I did, well, then I'd probably try not to fart when my boyfriend was going down on me. But, sometimes it slips out, and then what do you do?

Okay, Fine...I do fart. I do. And when I'm alone I don't mind the smell. And when my boyfriend is going down on me, I pray that if it has to slip out it's silent and non-deadly., and if it were to be loud (this hasn't happened yet) I'd probably say oops, and sorry. And then I'd laugh. Because laughing's good to.

Posted by jamye at January 22, 2022 06:05 PM