December 19, 2021

Brainy Sex


From the Guardian online :

A newly married man whose sex drive became uncontrollable after he suffered a head injury at work won more than 3m damages at the high court yesterday.

At first I kind of laughed, because it does sound so silly, and so like an excuse along the lines of "the cat ate my homework." But it's not a joke, and after sniffing around a little, I realized this wasn't funny ha-ha.

Here's an interesting case of a sex addict, and I use that term without judgement because I never much liked the word (although I think one can be addicted to most things). But here is a guy who actually cannot control his desire for sex. The dude survived a 53 day coma - which is pretty unbelievable, and now I want to call him Rip Van Winkle.

Okay. RVW fell off one of those tall scary things that you see at construction sites - the kind of thing that you probably wouldn't feel safe walking on yourself. And upon awakening from a 53 day coma, things were uhm, a tad bit different. And RVW lost control of his libido. I had to find out more, so I found this, here :

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is one type of ABI. It is usually caused by a direct injury to the head - for example, in a car accident. Traumatic brain injury can cause changes in thinking, behaviour and body function, depending on which brain areas were affected and to what degree. Generally, the more severe the injury, the more significant the symptoms and loss of function will be.

and this was there too:

Brain injury can alter the way a person experiences and expresses their sexuality.

Common problems can include reduced sex drive, difficulties with sexual functioning (such as erectile problems), and behaving sexually at inappropriate times.

Talking about sex can be embarrassing, but it is important for the person with brain injury and their loved ones to discuss the various issues and seek professional advice.

And I just started thinking about this guy, and this issue. And if it really is beyond his control, it's kind of crazy in that kind of interesting way. Like where is the brain damage most severe, or what happened when his brain was damaged? More specifically - what exactly happened. Here'a an example of what I'm trying to find out. What was affected? Is it the central portion of the upper right west corner of the inner cerebellum. I want that kind of specific. The article say's he was supposedly an in-love newly married man in a monogamous and happy relationship. So, what specifically happened to cause the compulsive change in his sexual behavior? If a specific trigger point in the brain affects your sex drive and your libido, then maybe some cheaters have a real but not really okay excuse for wanting to cheat (even though they should still learn to control it, which I believe you can do if you really want to). Like maybe it's their chemical makeup (I'm not saying they have brain damage though) that makes them cheat. And maybe he or she really can't help it, or at least can't help it without getting actual outside help.

Can a percentage of cheaters blame it on their brains?

That's what I'm thinking...

Posted by jamye at December 19, 2021 11:48 PM