December 20, 2021

Spread Magazine needs your bling

I've copied and pasted the DL from AR :

"This past weekend, $pread got some very bad news. The company that runs our online store for subscriptions and merch is going under, effective immediately, which presents problems like: we don’t have a store. This is entirely fixable, and it looks like we’re going to start using Google shop, though we’re experiencing a few days without an online store while that gets sorted out."

And even down lower:

"What’s not fixable is this: part of the reason the company shut down is because they owed their bank a lot of money, so the bank has seized everything in their accounts, including several thousand dollars of money that was due to $pread and was to be used to print our next issue."

"So - though I’ve never asked my readers for money, I would love it if you could donate whatever you can to help sustain this important project that means the world not just to me, but to the sex workers who feel supported and encouraged by reading a magazine made by and for them. $pread is a unique venture that needs to exist in this world, and we need help regaining our foothold."

And for the bling bling:

"You can paypal us money using the email address or if you prefer to write a check, it can be made out to $pread Magazine and sent to PO Box 305, Cooper Station, NY, NY 10276"

Still need more info?

Posted by jamye at December 20, 2021 11:25 PM