December 18, 2021

Why does sex sell?

Why does sex sell? Is it because we just want to see what everybody else looks like doing it, or because itís called ďthe nastyĒ? Is it because weíre all voyeurs, - dirty, filthy peepers who really like to see other naked bodies in motion? Maybe itís because weíre hoping to sharpen our skills and pick up a technique or two? Perhaps itís a little of a lot of things.

I always think why sex? Why donít we want to watch someone go to the bathroom or pick their nose, things I know everybody does, but we donít get to see often in public (okay, fine I know not as sexy, and yeah, we kind of do see it sometimes). I mean maybe thereís some hidden technique in those other things that we donít even know about (well, I do know the front to back wipe one). Which makes me think, totally out of nowhere, who would I want to see naked more, Gary Coleman or Emmanuel Lewis? I could never decide which one was cuter, although knowing now what I didnít know then; Iíd pick Emmanuel or maybe Gary still. I donít know I always thought Gary was cuter. Something about his pinched up face made me want to squeeze him real tight. And I liked the penthouse. It was more my style, than the house with the pantry that Webster lived in. But that might have been because I was afraid of large houses without attached neighbors. Because if Freddy Krueger was living in the boiler room of your penthouse, youíd never have to run into him, but if he lived in the boiler in your basement, you were probably f*cked.

Why does sex sell? Is it just that we have a deep-rooted desire for carnal knowledge? Like do we just want to see what everyone looks like naked? I think at one time I wanted to know what almost everyone looked like without clothes on, but I also think that time has passed. Itís not that exciting anymore, and actually I think on certain occasions it might make me puke. And I hate the taste of puke, especially if you havenít eaten enough and then all you really taste is that radioactive green bile. Seriously, the stuff glows.

So again, why does sex sell? Why do people pay to see gaping butt holes or larger-than-most-of-us-will-ever-suck penises? Partly itís novelty, no denying that. I liked the novelty, especially when I had no idea what anyone else looked like naked. I would totally sneak long glances at Playboy Magazine in our neighborhood drugstore just because it wasnít what I was supposed to do, oh, and because I found naked women hot.

Maybe itís because the sex we watch isnít always the sex we get. Even if itís not sex ďthe actĒ that sells, sex still sells. Like a sexy lady lying on car just to sell it. That sells it too, cause we can never have the lady, so instead we buy the car. So, sex sells because its erotic, howís that for an obvious statement that says nothing? And actual sex sells because itís nice to see attractive people with chemistry, but itís not always nice to see the opposite (that would be unattractive people without chemistry).

I guess Iím just asking tonight because Iím sitting here watching an advanced copy of a well-done pornumentary and I wonder why am I watching this? Is it for itís artistic value or because I want to see sex? And I realize itís for a little of both actually. Because the couplesí attractive and in love, so I want to see them fuck, yet, Iíve been watching them talk for so long, I could have just fast-forwarded the past 30 minutes (so thatís the artistic in me).

And why did I stop right before the sex to write before the sex?

I donít know. I mean I have answers, but I donít know if thereís a right one. And thatís it. Sex sells Ė there are a lot of answers, and all of them are right, and all of them are wrong. It depends on whom you ask.

Posted by jamye at December 18, 2021 11:33 PM