December 10, 2021


That's the name of the game today. But I have a good excuse and it's called a major head cold. It started yesterday, and progressively achieved what I'm hoping is full blown status right now. But I won't know more about that until tomorrow.

So today I'm revising a script and procrastinating on the Internet.

Today's procrastinations:

My friend Ducky Doolittle is one of the most fabulous sex educators I know. When her life story comes out (in book form) she'll be on Oprah - but for now, check her out on YouTube.

And then if you're looking for something different to watch, without words - there's this drawing of a woman from the inside out. It's pretty cool, even though it takes a while. But it's totally interesting and semi-mesmerizing.

Posted by jamye at December 10, 2021 04:27 PM