December 07, 2021

Gifts for giving: Pleasure - A Quickie Guide (2006)

Tis the season to be jolly, and thereís no better way to put some jolly in your jingle then with a sex toy. Iím a big fan of toys, both the cheaper novelty ones, and the more expensive works of art, and Iíve compiled a short but sweet list of some suggestions to ring in the new year. If you donít know what to get the one you love, itís best to give the gift that loves you back.

When a girl looks for vibration, often times itís for her clit, but sometimes a woman likes vibration inside her as well. Guys like vibration too - on the shaft, maybe on the balls, maybe in the form of a vibrating cockring. Oh, the possibilities!

On the less expensive side, thereís the Pocket Rocket ($28) - my personal fave even if it's only one speed or the Blueberry Buzz ($20). The Blueberry is hard plastic, multi-speed (which means you get to choose the power) and itís waterproof. The Fukuoko 9000 ($28) a tiny vibe you wear on your finger, works well to hit the right spots without being intimidating. Itís not as powerful as some of the larger ones, but it comes in different colors and itís a perfect first vibe. The Blue Dolphin Vibe ($32) is a cockring, so he wears it on the base of his shaft, and you both feel the benefits. Itís got two vibrators, one stimulates the clit, and one stimulates the sensitive areas outside the vagina, and they both make his shaft tingle too. Talk about bonus! And if either of you love the Hitachi Magic Wand, youíll love the new, cool, rechargeable Ideal from Natural Contours ($49.95). Itís got a neat design that works both over your shoulders, and in other, more intimate areas.

On the more expensive side, Cal Exotics Remote Control Vibrating Panty ($100) can be worn to your office holiday party, and nobody has to know. Itís got a range of 15-20 feet and there's a matching remote thong for him ($100). Truthfully, you canít go wrong with anything from Lelo. For a small, quiet, incredible experience - try the Lily ($129) or the Nea ($89). And if you want to be blown away with your vibe, and youíve got money to blow too, the Je Joue ($290) is like nothing youíve ever felt before. It comes pre-programmed with 10 grooves (which are patterns the vibe moves too), that make the experience totally unforgettable. You can program your own custom grooves too, with their pleasureware software Ė which makes it sort of like an iPod only instead of rocking out, you get your rocks off. And all the Lelo vibes and Je Joue are rechargeable, so you never need batteries.

Itís always more fun on Santaís naughty list, and these toys are anything but nice. I just love the cute little Kitty Spank-her paddle ($48). If you mention WAXMAN, you might get a 10% discount. But even if you donít itís totally adorable, all leather and suede, and itís great for delivering spankings. And if diamonds are a girlís best friend, buy a Rhinestone Encrusted Crop ($68). Or because good things come in small packages, try a Beginnerís Fantasy Kit ($79.95). This kit includes everything youíll need to tie Ďem up, and take Ďem down. It comes complete with soft wrist and ankle cuffs, nipple clamps, a blindfold, vibe and lube!

Dildos and Butt Stuff
The best dildos are silicone, and the Rock Chick ($66) is no exception. Comes with a removable vibrator, itís got a unique design that allows her to hit her G-Spot and clit at the same time. The Saturn Wand ($78) is the kind of toy youíd display on the coffee table. Itís made of stainless steel, and curved to hit both his and her ďspecialĒ places (from the front or the back). The Eclipsed Textured ($62) is a Pyrex glass toy thatís both functional and eye-catching. Pyrex is great because it can be cooled or heated depending on how you want it to feel, and each one is hand blown, making it a truly unique holiday gift.

As for butt plugs, if youíre a beginner you might want to try something like the Ripple ($26.95 & $34.95) which comes in both small and larger sizes, or the Pro-Touch ($35) because it has a mini-vibe to help warm up the area. If youíre looking for a butt toy for boys, Aneros guarantees him the best prostate massage ever! The Aneros Helix or Maximus ($67) make great gifts, and the site has some other really cool deals too. If beads are your thing, try the Flexi Felix ($30) for a new twist on an old classic. For really pretty, check out the Ariel Medium glass plug ($85), or any of the Mars plugs ($58-$78).

Oh, and donít forget lube for your butt toys (or any toys). Pink ($26) is a nice silicone lube with Vitamin E and Aloe Vera, but silicone lubes will ruin your silicone toys so donít use them together unless you place a condom over your toy. Sliquid Swirl ($14) comes in three flavors, but I like blue raspberry the best. And Astroglide ($12) is almost always a sure thing.

Books and Film
Books are always a sure winner, and these two are no exception. You will never go wrong with the Guide to Getting it On ($19.95) or this yearís pick, Nina Hartleyís Guide to Total Sex ($17.13). As for movies, Comstock Films is a great place to find real couples doing it ($27.95), and his new one, Matt and Khym is just about to be released. Or check out the campy films from Britainís hottest lady director Anna Span ($34.95). Classics are always fun and my personal fave is, was and will be The Opening of Misty Beethoven ($24.95).

And all of these sites have other great ideas when it comes to additional holiday fun, so check them out for more juicy bits. Sure, there are plenty of other gifts to give, but it is the ho, ho, holidays, so why not give a little love, and then you just might get a little (more) love in return.

Posted by jamye at December 7, 2021 06:23 PM