November 17, 2021

Need an alibi

Look at the big fat liars fly!!!! Wonder if they'll pop....

I am doing anything to procrastinate right now which makes me a procrastinator (how original!). I'm pondering the always asked, but never really answered question of why when one has a deadline that isn't 24 hours from now, it is easy to push off said deadline? It's not really a question worth answering, which might be why I've never cared to care, but it's helping me procrastinate. I hate to admit that I work best under intense pressure, because I don't necessarily think that is the case, but if I were under intense pressure right now, I'd be working.

Perhaps I need an alibi for why I won't get my chapters in on time (note to my editor:only joking). Someone sent me a link to the Alibi Network, and I find it so smart, yet so dumb. I mean if you have to lie, and can't think of a good enough lie by yourself, then maybe it's time to stop. And if you've used up all your lies, and now need help creating new ones, then why are you even still in a situation that causes you to lie? It's not bad enough that you're a liar, but you're a lying liar, and that sucks dude.

On the flip side, I mean if you really need to use the service once, and only once, (at least only once in a while) then eh, go ahead, do what you need to do. But only if you were using it for good, like to dupe bosses and other unimportant, but seemingly pretentious, people in your life. And it's not a bad idea to help you with a surprise marriage proposal or party. But it's not okay to lie to your wife about your other girlfriend - got it?

And it is relatively cheap to lie BIG. The cost per year is $75, which gets you a lot of lies. The site offers emails, forged letters, fake hotel statements, even personal phone calls to back you up. I keep thinking the site is a joke, but it's not..and you know what, I'm beginning to think it's a brilliant (albeit I'm still against lying) idea for fatty, fat liars.

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Posted by jamye at November 17, 2021 05:25 PM