November 16, 2021

Insensitive Vagina

Interesting f*ckin' factoid: The second 2/3(s) of the vagina can be operated on without anesthetic.*

That explains a lot of things that we donít talk about before, during and after sex. Even if we like, want and crave deep thrusting, women get the most sensation out of the initial penetration. Deep thrusting leads to cervical stimulation, and stimulation of all areas of the vagina, but itís that first 1/3 that feels the nicest, or at least the most.

TMI(ATIFF)!!! (Too much information (about the interesting f*ck factoid))

It explains a lot of things about my sexual sensation, and a lot of things about the other women's feelings. I love that initial moment, the first few seconds when everything feels warm, hard and moist. And I love the thrusting, but not as much as I love the tease, when he barely enters me, and either moves real slowly, or not at all. It helps bring me over the edge quicker and easier than actual in and out action.
Speaking of vaginas (don't know if she's of the sensitive or insensitive kind) Candace Bushnell is on Sirius Radio...Is there anyone besides me who doesn't have a show?

*From Lonnie Barbachís classic, For Yourself.

Posted by jamye at November 16, 2021 09:44 PM