November 20, 2021

The Hypocrisy of Hypocrites


There's something so wrong with the fact that one of Playgirl's campus hunks is most likely a cold blooded killer. I just read this, here. It's so last week, but I'm slightly ahead, yet behind, the times these days. If you've got the 2006 Campus Hunks issue of Playgirl (I'm still looking for mine), it might be worth a little extra something this holiday season - even if you can't sell it on eBay... can you? When I tried to sell an unused vibrator on eBay, I got a not so nice warning, and the ad was removed.

I mean if this ex-gay porn star really did kill a man because he "hates gay people," what's he thinking? Is it okay to be gay for pay, but not really okay to be gay? I just don't get it.

What I do find also worthy of pointing out, is that this "who we think someone is, verse who they are" theme is really running rampant right now in the press. I've included Mr. Boham and two other examples of "newsworthy" people that make you go hmm....

1. Timothy Boham. Like I said, a gay male pornstar, his porn name was Marcus Allen, but secretly he hated gay men. Yes, he would canoodle with them on camera but when the lights, camera, action was over he flipped a switch. He's been accused of killing a gay businessman because he hated gay people. So, let's get this "straight" - he's repulsed by homosexuality, yet absorbed in it? Yes. Oh, and He also posed for this years Campus Hunks issue of Playgirl - the very same magazine I've been writing for these past five years (that leaves us with one degree of separation, or kevin bacon, whichever you prefer). I know there are two types of people who read the magazine- and one of those types is the types he despises, yet fucks on camera (I know, I'm reiterating for dramatic effect). Is it that he hates his own homosexuality, and that it eats him up inside, or is he possibly just plain evil?

2. Ted Haggard. Former President of the National Association of Evangelicals and Senior Pastor of the New Life Church, he preached about a life free from sin, yet well, he he was somehow exempt. See, he didn't mean he had to have a life free from sin. Almost caught with his pants down (but instead caught because of it), Haggard admitting to using poppers and/or meth, but then denied it. And then he remembered, and forgot, about the young male prostitute he was sleeping with. Practice what you preach? Not Haggard.

3. Mark Foley. Foley placed huge emphasis on eradicating child pornography. In 2002, he introduced a bill to outlaw websites with sexually explicit, or suggestive, material of preteen children calling them a "fix for pedophiles." It failed because it was actually to difficult to put into law since it would have restricted what some call the "legitimate" entertainment industry from fully functioning. He also legislated to change federal sex offender laws, and did other things to help protect children. He took to translating the law his own way, and decided that using protection with children would have to count for something.

My own personal theory on why these men did what they did, and not what they wanted everyone else to do, was they didn't have an outlet, or an understanding of their own struggles. I canít imagine how hard it must be, when you canít live your life comfortable in your own skin, so you become someone you wish you could be. But still, itís no excuse to break laws, cheat and lie. They all, in a sense, wanted to get caught, or they wouldnít have stayed so close to that fine line. They are the exact opposite of who they wanted you to believe they were, and they probably donít even know who they truly are anyway.

I don't fault them for being human; I just fault them for being hypocrites.

Posted by jamye at November 20, 2021 03:18 PM