November 09, 2021

They're coming to take me away. Wait, who's they?

If you haven't read my Womens Health piece, you could now read it here!


And yay to the voters. It's about time Bush's bubble is, was he actually thinking this country still liked him? And what's up with how awkward he is? Don't they have a pill to cure that?

In semi-unrelated news, have you ever felt like you give off a certain energetic vibe, and then all you seem to notice are other people giving off that certain energetic vibe?

I've noticed a lot of crazies (see above photo) looking at me today. Through subway doors, on platforms, in the street, it's as if they see me as one of them. And while I'd like to think that I'm not one of them, maybe I am more like them then I even realize I am.

I have a lot of nervous energy as a result of work. Not because I'm getting things done, but because I have a lot to get done. And I think the other nervous energy people see me and want to know me. They want to feel me, touch me, and...wait, no that's from a musical about a pinball wizard.

They are calling to me. But my phone is off the hook.

My sister, a pyschiatric resident at a NY hospital, said that everybody was suicidal yesterday as a result of the millions of billions of droplets of rain that fell here all day and a lot of the night. She said she hoped it would stop raining, so that people would be less loony, but today, with 67 degree gorrrrrgeous weather in NY, the loonies are out I tell you. They're out and about and looking pretty strange.

I must smell like them. Or maybe I drool. Or perhaps I have a large stain on the bottom of my pants. I don't know. But I do know that they know. And they're watching me.

Posted by jamye at November 9, 2021 07:27 PM