November 07, 2021

Viagra for Women - I'm on!

I wasn't sure what viagra for women would do other than give me a possible headache and headrush, so when Mr. John Hargrave of dropped me a line, asking me if I wanted to try it, along with a variety of herbal supplements, I was a tad bit hesitant.

But my boyfriend thought it over and decided that he wouldn't mind giving it a go. At least not if it was going to help pay for our trip to New Mexico this New Years. So, we did it, well, he did it, but we really did it together (he tried, I wrote, he edited).

The stories are under the heading viagra for women. Which I guess raises the question - what does his taking viagra do for me?

I won't answer just yet, but I will say that it wasn't only viagra. It was also VigRX oil and Semenax. I can't say that all the drugs improved our sex life, but they did make things interesting for a while. I would try two of them again, one for the sheer satisfaction of hours of lovemaking and one for the sheer satisfaction of larger loads.

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Posted by jamye at November 7, 2021 08:38 PM