November 11, 2021

On Fantasies


I'll share mine if you share yours.

(It's 11/11 - make a wish)...

Note: Answer the below questions and email me your responses. This survey is for women only. Feel free to forward the questions to friends near and far. Send me your first name (if you're okay with that) and age along with your responses. I'm going to have an ongoing series of questions to answer, and I appreciate any help. Get as detailed and juicy as possible. Men, pass this on too. More questions to come!

email me:

1. What fantasies/scenarios do you think about when you masturbate?

2. What’s your favorite fantasy?

3. Do you know who Nancy Friday is? If so, who is she?

4. What turns you on? Why?

5. When was the first time you remember fantasizing?

6. Who/What is the inspiration for your favorite fantasies?

7. Have you ever lived out your fantasies?

8. Do you know who Betty Dodson is?

9. Have you ever read My Secret Garden? What do you know about it?

10. How often do you fantasize when you masturbate?

If you're going to answer those questions, thanks in advance. If not, here's one for you...

It's a beautiful day outside, and I'm stuck inside trying to figure out how to handle my workload. For the rest of you:

Can you guess what mood I'm in?

a. Celebratory and masturbatory

b. Sick and tired

c. Happy-go-lucky

d. Sarcastic

e. Bored

f. Angry and irritable

g. All of the above

h. b, d, e, f

i. a, b, c

j. a, g

I threw some wrenches in there for you...well, how many wrenches can you really throw in to an insignificant guessing game?

I'll post the answer, and a fantasy, in my next blog. Oh, and I'm blogging again for Souldish. It's the new and improved version!

Posted by jamye at November 11, 2021 03:10 PM