August 07, 2021

The Smell of Things

I'm teaching a class for the guys tonight. Pre-register here if you live in NYC, or can get to NYC tonight because you want to talk to me about women and sex.

I love the smell of rain. I'm reminded of this because it's just rained here in Brooklyn and I can smell the fresh, moisty dampness. Deep breathe in. Aahhh..that smells good. And that makes me want to make two lists:

Things that Smell Good and Things that Smell Bad...well, at least in my opinion.

Okay - the first six I can think of:

Things that smell good:

1. Gasoline being pumped - but only when it's going in the car, not when it's going on your clothes.

2. Pork being fried. While I won't eat it, I can admit it does smell damn fine.

3. Fresh baked pies. But not creme pies sitting out in the middle of summer.

4. Armpits. Dirty or undirty - as long as I'm attracted to the person.

5. China Rain. It's the oil I use.

6. Belly Buttons. To some people belly buttons smell bad, but I like the smell, at least of my own. (Is that TMI?)

Things that smell bad:

1. Other people's farts.

2. Other people's shit.

3. Burning hair or skin.

4. Garbage that's been sitting out on a hot curb all day.

5. Piss on the street (yes, that happens a lot in NY).

6. Garlic Breath.

Posted by jamye at August 7, 2021 02:55 PM