August 10, 2021

She Comes First

I'm almost done with Ian Kerner's book She Comes First. I know, yesterday's news, I've owned the book for a while, just haven't read it cover to cover. I think part of the reason was because I wasn't into reading sex advice about a woman from a man, but then I realized I read lots of sex advice for a man from a woman, so what was the big deal? I tried to evaluate where my prejudice came from, and when I couldn't really think of why I felt this way, I picked up the book. Actually that and when a guy who attended one of my workshops encouraged me to flip through the pages, I picked up the book.

Ian's got a lot to say, and, he's got a lot to say about what a lot of other people have to say. I definitely recommend his book to any man who wants to know more about pleasing a woman, or even suffers from premature ejaculation and wants to hear a guy talk about his own problems and how he can please a woman. The book is thorough (200 pages on cunnilingus) and Ian's got some determination regarding his tongue on her pussy. But, if I'm recommending his book I might as well recommend The Clitoral Truth by Rebecca Chalker as well. It's a great book about the clit, and he uses a lot of what she has to say in She Comes First.

I would encourage every and any pussy lovin' person to read the book. You will definitely learn something. That's the truth.

Now, let's see. What else is going on. Oh yeah, getting ready for a three week west coast trip. First I'm going to see where my boyfriend's got roots. As in where he grew up. Then I'm off to Burning Man. I hear fourth times a charm. Even if it's not, I get to teach hands on workshops out there. Hands on oral sex workshops. Yeah, now you're curious...

But here, in New York, I get to teach hands off ones. The next ones this Monday.

I know I won't be blogging regularly once I go away next week, but I promise, upon my return, I'll be back.

Posted by jamye at August 10, 2021 10:29 PM