August 03, 2021

Does size matter?

This ones for the guys.

Have you been with a woman where size mattered? Not the size of your penis, but more accurately the size of her vagina? What do you do if she's too large for you? Is there such a thing as too tight (not as in painfully tight, but still too tight)? I'd like to write a piece on this, and I want your input. I'd love any ladies to comment as well, if they know that their size has affected a relationship or if they've done anything to change their size, and if it's worked.

I find it interesting that we often focus on his size, when indeed it can be her size that matters.

Let's see, what else. I got sucked into Asia Carrera's blog last night. How tragic. A newly dead husband. A new born baby to go along with her infant daughter, and she birthed him ALL BY HERSELF (really, all by herself). It's an amazing, inspiring tear jerker kind of story- and I couldn't stop crying last night. (Yes I'm highly sensitive, always have been).

Posted by jamye at August 3, 2021 09:20 PM