May 18, 2021

Call for Couples

I think you've already heard this one before, but since I've been granted more time, it bears repeating. And since it's not all that exciting to some of you, I've decided to put this picture up too. It's just a tease, y'see...

Hello friends, family and fellow countrymen and countrywomen,

It is I, Jamye Waxman, and feeling the need to pick your brains yet one more time, I am sending out this fairly urgent request. I am still looking for 2 3 couples to grace the pages of an upcoming issue of (a very large) Magazine. The piece, originally scheduled for the September issue, has now been pushed back until November, giving me even more time to find just the right fit.

What is the right fit you may ask? I'm looking for couples that preferably live OUTSIDE of New York, or at least New York City. COUPLES that have been together for a long or short period of time, but not too short, and couples who love talking about sex. They should also be okay with having their picture in a magazine. Now, for the couples, here's what I'd really love (if I could have my way).

One couple that is married and has at least one child.
One couple that is not "white"
One couple with a disability
And any other couple that feels like they could and would love to be part of this assignment. (yes, that's more than three couples, I'm well aware)
So what am I writing?

It's an article about "sex homework." I'm looking for couples who want to try something new, in order to revitalize, remake or expand their sexual repetoire.

Perhaps you've had a sexual goal, something you've been looking to accomplish for a while and you want to try it out. Or you've always wanted to unleash a sexual fantasy, and now you have permission to reveal it. Maybe you want to work on something in the relationship and think that doing a new activity can help.

Here's how it will go down. You'll send me a picture to and a possible idea of what you want to do and why. If selected, you'll actually try out this sex thing and then you'll tell me all about it. We'll have a panel of three sex experts (two therapists, one educator) who will discuss what you've done and the end results. Then you'll get a nice photo shoot, courtesy of the magazine, and your picture and story will appear together in an upcoming issue. YES, THAT MEANS YOU MIGHT EVEN GET A FREE TRIP TO NEW YORK!!!

Here are some ideas to help get you started:

Good Couples Porn
There's plenty of porn out there, but not plenty of porn out there that you want to watch. From shoes to orgasms, women can tell the fake from the real, and we know when the shoes are as cheap as the sex is. One couple will take the plunge for the rest of humanity. Given three "couples friendly" videos, they'll tell us which ones are worth the watch, and which ones aren't. Which couples videos will pass the eyegasm test?

Make your own movie or Taking dirty pictures
Ever thought about making your own erotic movie/posing for dirty pictures? Can't be too hard, can it? One couple takes the plunge and gets naked for their own camera. They'll tell us what goes right, and what goes wrong.

Toys and Shapes
Perhaps you'd like to try a certain type of toy. Or maybe the liberator shapes. This is the perfect opportunity to do so.

Sex in Public
Sex in public, but not too public a space. You choose the place, or we can come up with suggestions too, and go for it. Are you in your own backyard, or a large open field? How does sex in public feel? You'll tell us about the liberation and the anxiety, and anything in between.

Posted by jamye at May 18, 2021 09:53 AM