May 22, 2021

What's goin' on.

Just got back from Washington DC, a place where the license plates read "Taxation without Representation." While there, I attended the largest convention I've ever attended, it's called the Book Expo of America and I was completely blown away and, at times, mildly overwhelmed. And then I couldn't decide:

Bill Murray or Jim Belushi?

At first I really thought it was Bill Murray. I pontificated if I should approach him and explain that I never fully got that translation movie, and that I didn't understand what all they hype was about. But I totally loved that Steve Zizou movie, or whatever it was called. Only thing is he was constantly being bombarded by fans, so I decided to snap this shot and stay away. An hour later I was walking down one of the myriad of book aisles when I saw an ad for a new Jim Belushi book. It was then that I realized that this guy looked an awful lot like Bill Murray. And then I got all confused. What had been a cool "close encounter" became a not as cool but still okay possiblility. Had I indeed snapped a shot of Belushi? Or was it really Murray? I showed some people later that night. They were all pretty sure it was Belushi. They were all pretty astonished that I even thought it could be Murray. I'm still not sure I know for certain. But I do know that it's easy to mix up Bill Murray and Jim Belushi. I also brushed by Amy Sedaris, who rocks and looks so cute in hoop dresses. And got to say hello to Violet Blue, as it has been almost two years since I've run in to her, and she is, in my opinion, the best sex writer out there. Her new book, Fetish Sex, looks hot and well written (I mean, I just said she's the best sex writer out there).

While in DC I also introduced my new lover to a former flame. Well, he was also a co worker, and a friend, but for a brief period of time, in fact a briefer period of time than even I remembered, we had gotten naked and did stuff to each other that young children are no longer allowed to learn about in school. I hadn't seen him in years. It was great and, in some ways strange, as two totally polar opposite worlds suddenly collided. And he had a girlfriend too. And maybe all Jewish girls look alike, at least on the East Coast, because she had dark eyes and curly brown hair and it freaked me out that we had similar physical traits. It's like all of a sudden you know somebody's type, and you fit the mold perfectly. I, on the other hand, don't have a type. Although I guess lately I've like my men with lighter hair, not as in less heavy or not as much of it, but as in blonde or red headed. But I can't say I have a type. Although maybe I just did.

I can say that Playgirl has changed their wesbite. It's much more of a paysite these days, but my podcasts are still free. It looks pretty cool, and there's a new podcast up here.

Also, tomorrow night I'm cohosting the Derek and Romaine Show on Sirius OutQ. Seriously. Check us out.

And it's official. I've graduated with my Masters in Sex Education. Only took 4.5 years. YEAH!

Posted by jamye at May 22, 2021 03:49 PM