May 16, 2021

13 Questions

Things I often wonder:

1. Why do we have cat years and dog years? If a dog lives 20 years, then he lived 20 years, not something like (20 x 7) or 140 years. Who came up with cat years and dog years anyway?

2. Is it better to be complacent or constantly changing?

3. How many people have ever met an alien? How many people believe those people?

4. Why wasn't I born with one of those super speedy metabolisms?

5. How cool is it that we can fly in really heavy machines?

6. How many children ever think about growing up to work in the sex industry?

7. Whatever happened to Big Fiji and Little Fiji and the rest of the Glorious Ladies of Wrestling (GLOW)?

8. If I could have a big train running through my house, like Ricky Shroeder did in Silver Spoons, would I want one? Or would that just make me lazy?

9. How long is the Williamsburg Bridge, and why don't I just look it up?

10. Am I too aggressive in some ways and not aggressive enough in others? Am I really who I think I am? Or am I someone else entirely?

11. Is there life after death? And if we come back, is it only as another human?

12. Do we have a twin living somewhere else in the world, doing the same things we do, dating the same people we date, having the same feelings we feel, only it's different?

13. Is 13 lucky or unlucky?

Posted by jamye at May 16, 2021 06:04 PM