May 14, 2021

Mothers Day 06

An aside: I'm sorry if you have or had an evil mother and you hate her and want nothing to do, or have nothing to do with her anymore. I'm sorry if you've lost your mother and are saddened on days like today, or if, like someone I care about, you lost a child only the day before the day that would celebrate you as a mother, and now today is a constant reminder of sadness or gloom. Today is Mothers Day, and for some reason, it's something that Americans take part in, again and again, year after year. Now I must continue...

My mother. Her hair is much longer these days.

It's Mothers Day, and while I'm all about dedicating a day to celebrate mother's, I'm also not all that sure why we have to set aside a certain day each year to spotlight something that should be appreciated always. If for nothing more than the mere fact that the person you might quite possibly call "mom," carried you in her womb for any number of months, most likely 8 to10, and there she housed you, fed you and kept you warm and comfy, you should always appreciate your mom. Or maybe because the person you call "mom" cared about your cuts and bruises and kissed them all to make them go away, you should always appreciate your mother. Especially as one begins to generally accept and understand all that it means to be a mom, it's important to appreciate the women and men who choose to do so. But is it so important to have one day a year to do that?

No. I don't think so. I mean I think it's more special to buy your mother flowers for no reason at all and take her out to a nice dinner, or cook her dinner, just because you love her. I think it's nice to send your mom a card for no reason, or call her up and say thank you some other time of the year.

And yet I understand we're all about tradition, and that today is a day full of flowers and food and for us, in America, this is tradition. And in June we'll do it all over for the people with penises.

But today isn't as important to me, outside of it being May 14th, the closest date to the future that I've ever been lucky enough to experience (of course that's until May 15th rolls around), but I don't think that I need to tell my mom I love her anymore than any other day of the year.

Still, I'm a sucker. And I call the ladies in my family to wish them a happy Mother's day. And I wait for my foster cat to wish me a happy Mother's day, only he doesn't. And I look at the drugstore to see how many cards have been sucked up from loving family and friends as an ode to the mom. And I suck up some cards too, and send them on their way.

So, yes, while I think Mother's day should be as no big, just like Secretary's day, Valentines Day, and/or Father's day too, I still give in to the urge. I mean, c'mon now, I don't want to look like a bad daughter.

Posted by jamye at May 14, 2021 06:20 PM