March 29, 2021

My pussy

Silky. Smooth. Brown. Hairy. Furry. Loud. Quiet. Cute. Loveable. That is how I describe my pussy. Well, it's not actually my pussy, but sometimes I pretend it is. I pet it. Stroke it. Rub it. Comb it. Feed it. Clean it, and do all the necessary maintenance so that I can get unconditional love from my pussy. I talk to it. Cuddle with it. Calm it. Coax it. You name it, I do it, cause I'll do anything for my pussy.

Wanna see my pussy?
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Isn't it hot? Dripping wet with excitement (or can you not tell)?

On another note from Waking Vixen:

NEW YORK, NY - $pread, a quarterly magazine by and for sex workers and their allies, presents Sex Worker Visions, an exhibition featuring art by sex workers and about the sex industry, at the LGBT Community Center David Bohnett Cyber Center at 208 West 13th Street, New York City, from March 29 May 20. Visions kicks off with an opening reception on March 29 from 6 to 9 pm.

Wanna Sneak Peek?

Posted by jamye at March 29, 2021 10:52 AM