March 27, 2021

Porn Poetry #2

Almost Ass
By Jamye Waxman

Her adult ad read that she was a girl with some class.
But I liked that it mentioned she took things up the ass.
Anal sex was always something I wanted to try.
But when most girls saw my dick, they wanted to cry.

At 9.5 inches it hangs rather large.
At 9.5 inches it’s always in charge.
I phoned her up, and asked her for rates.
She wanted to make sure she had available dates.

I got so excited just waiting to know.
She asked if I wanted a fuck or a blow.
Uh, well, I stammered not sure how to say.
I want to cum in your ass, will that be okay?

So I just blurted out, "I’d love to do it up the bum."
She said “okay, but there are things you must know before you cum.”
“I have a few rules that I need to share.”
I was so excited, quite frankly, I didn’t care.

First off, I’ll only do it with protection.
Will that be a problem to maintain an erection?
Second, you’ll have to use lube.
And I’m talking the silicone kind, it comes in a tube.

Okay. Okay. Anything I can do.
Oh, yeah, and no poo. Absolutely, no poo.
You got it I said, wondering if I should tell her the rest.
There’s one little thing (I hesitated) that I must attest.

“My dick is quite large, I just like to warn.”
“It’s large enough to do well in porn.”
“What are you packing?” she wanted to know.
“It’s at 9 and a half, and that’s on full show.”

“Wow, that’s a biggie,” she let out with a yell.
“I can’t wait to see just how thick you can swell.”
And with that I knew I had found a good catch.
For at least our one night we were a perfect match.

"I can fit you in tomorrow;" she said all business in tone.
It’s a date, I exclaimed as I hung up the phone.
I was too excited; I couldn’t sit in a seat.
So, instead I prepared by beating my meat.
Tomorrow I’m going to give it to some stranger in the butt.
And tomorrow I’m finally going to get out of my rut.
Yeah anal sex, I wanted to scream.
Finally, it’s not only a dream.

Posted by jamye at March 27, 2021 03:53 PM