April 02, 2021

The Feel Better Shower, and other Irrelevancies

blue_moviestarcat 017.jpg Me. Force-loving Blue.

Not insane crazy:

My father brings me something from a couple of Sunday's ago. It's an article, from his more local paper, that talks about the Sinclair Institute's Sexplorations Video Series. He's showing me this picture of the man behind the videos, and I look two rows back, and there I am. Well, I mean I knew I was there, having been to the Museum of Sex (MOSEX) only weeks ago to actually be there, but I'm in the picture too. Almost front and center. But my dad didn't notice. My boyfriend told me I looked bored. No comment.

We should take a year off and travel. That's my newest thought, although not an original one, and not necessarily coming out of nowhere. THPOB (the human parents of Blue) are doing just that, right now, and every time they send me pictures of their journey I remember that there is a little bit of Hershey in all of us. Not that the Hershey thing has anything to do with traveling the world, but it's just what I remember.

Maybe someday, before we can't, we will get to live out some of our dreams. And maybe not. Either way I loved the song "Maybe" from Annie. Well, honestly, I just loved Annie (the movie more than the musical).

And I love Daylight Savings Time, well, not yet, but I will love it starting sometime this week. The days not only get longer, but they also get warmer, and clothes are lighter and fluffier, and there are more people out on the streets. Okay in New York, people are always out, although when and where is really more of an age thing. When I was in my twenties, I used to go out to bars, and rarely did I ever see people over thirty hanging out in the same places. Of course I didn't see everyone, everywhere, but I do believe that "hangout bars" are a thing for the youth, or the alcoholics. I used to wonder where all the older people were (not old, just older) and now I know the answer. Socializing in smaller groups at smaller venues, private parties, readings and other sorts of gatherings, or at another person's place or a restaurant.

My body can't and won't party like it's 1999 anymore. If I drink heavily, I feel it the next day. At least until I shower. I generally feel better after a shower. It's like eating a cheeseburger (or so I'm told) and drinking a milkshake. But that doesn't work for me.

Instead I have the feel better shower.

And of course there are other, less feel better things, like this quote from today's NY Times in a story about "The Mobile Homeless."

"Last year was the first year on record, according to the National Low Income Housing Coalition that a full-time worker at minimum wage could not afford a one bedroom apartment ANYWHERE in the country at average market rates."

Insane. But then again, who isn't really? Okay not necessarily insane in that bad sort of way, but then again is there really an insane good? Actually, I think there is. If something is "insane good" it's so good you can't believe it could actually be this good, good. That's insane crazy.

Posted by jamye at April 2, 2021 11:54 PM