March 07, 2021

Am I hot?

Don't answer that question. Well, I mean, you can if you really want to, but I'm not expecting you to :)

Yes. South Dakota passed the abortion ban bill. If you want to help do something about it, click here. I don't know how much these things help, honestly, but at this point I don't know what else to do. I podcasted about the issue here. It's not something that will take effect for a few months, but the fact that it might actually take effect is f***ed up enough. Now, speaking of messed up things.

Are you hot? Are you normal? These are the sidebars I notice when I'm looking at my email account through google - yes email + google (I'm picturing that Sesame Street segment where they bring two sounds together to make a word) = gmail. Normally, I like my email provider, but they've got me thinking...What? Why? How did we come to this? And, I already know I'm not normal, so what are you going to do about it?

I know, I know, these types of ads and tests have been around for like ever, I remember the site, hotornot, but still, I don't want to believe it. (Fingers in ears - I'm not listening, I'm not listening. Can you hear me now, cause I'm not listening).

I don't want to be judged by anyone I don't know. I'm already judged by the people I do know, or the people who think that they know me, and I'm sick of constantly being judged, and yes, also judging others. (Guilty). I'm only human. Is there a test out there to find out how human one truly is? Not that I'd take that test either, because I wouldn't, but I just figured with all the other tests out there, surely there's one to determine how human someone is, and probably more people are less human than we think. I just think the world would be a groovier place (hippy in me coming out, must suppress) if we all learned to be truly happy for each other and not jealous or judgemental. Which brings me to a little story from years ago.

It's time to make a confession, one that I'm not proud of, and one that I'm afraid you'll judge me for. Okay. Deep breathe.

Another deep breathe.

I think I'm ready.

In college, more heavy, er, I mean deep breathing...

I ..............was ............a........................... sorority.

Yes, once, a long time ago I wore the greek letters of Alpha Xi something or other (okay, yeah, I obviously know what it is, but that's not important, is it)? I might now lose points in your self respect book, but try not to judge. I have more more to say here.

1. With one or two exceptions, the only people I still speak to were also members of the sorority.
2. One year after pledging (getting initiated) I was no longer very involved in the sorority.

Actually, the President of the sorority, who also happened to be my little sister which will only mean something if you know anything about sororities, asked me to stop coming to Rush events (that's where you "recruit" new members) because I refused to vote on who could or couldn't be part of my group. So, by the end of junior year, and might I remind you I was studying abroad in Rockhampton, Australia the first half of the year, I was out of the same sorority I had been in a year before. I'm not proud of the fact that I felt the need to be accepted by a group of women who call themselves sisters, but I share it to let you know, I didn't want to judge then and I'm so done with judging now.

I don't care about these online tests to determine my hottness factor or just how typical someone else might think I am, but I hate that they're out there. The people who made these tests are not hot and obvioulsy way too normal. The people who made these tests are people that would obviously be banished to Stupidia (see Beware the Ides of March) along with the government of South Dakota. Besides, I don't want to be normal!!! Did you hear me google-ad-test-thingy? I don't want you to tell me if I'm hot or not. I spent many ugly years growing up Gotti, oh, no, that's not what I meant. I spent many chunky, double chinned, years growing up in Suburbia fully aware that I wasn't the hottest girl in the room, and now I'm not going to go so shallow as to let you, or other people who see any damn picture I decide to post, tell me if I could be the next Miss America (I couldn't, I have no talent that could be broadcast on national TV).

And now, your royal hotness (that's me) has more typical things to do with her time. Please, if you can help it, hotness and normal tests, don't pop up in my inbox anytime soon. I bite. Let that be your warning.

Posted by jamye at March 7, 2021 04:52 PM