March 08, 2021

NY Timesing It

I just started subscribing to the New York Times. I can't read long newsy articles online, they make my eyes go loopy, and for the last few months I've been feeling out of touch with reality. I didn't want to be so out of date any longer, so now I'm getting home delivery, for some really cheap price. Unfortunately the last two days my carrier decided to give the paper to my neighbors, and upon realizing that they may have been recieving it, I appropriately began stealing it back, but, alas, this morning I found the nicely wrapped blue plastic bundle happily waiting for me at my front door.

The best thing I've learned over the past few days reading the Times is that there's a term for men who marry women to suppress their real desire and love for men. It's called a Mixed Orientation Marriage. I don't know if this would apply to women who marry men to suppress their love for women, because for some reason, the stigma doesn't seem to go the other way, but I assume it would.

Which reminds me of a few years ago. When one of those we-can-convert-homosexuals websites spokespeople got busted for failing to convert (even though he married a former lesbian, he was eventually caught at a gay bar picking up other, gasp, men), which only goes to prove you are what you are, even if that means you like both men and women. Oddly enough, most critics of the male version of mixed orientation marriages do believe that the man is gay, not bisexual, but gay if he has an attraction to men. I'm not all that into this definitive stance, as I do think men can sincerely love and be attracted to women, even if the way they want to love them is different. For example, a man may not want his woman to dress in leather chaps and a lasso, while he may want his male partner to do just that. I don't think chaps and a lasso are so sexy on a woman, but on a man, I totally buy it. It's not a gay thing, it just is what it is.

Lets see, what else did I discover in the times? Well, Trader Joes is opening in NYC on March 17th. This is very exciting, because I like Trader Joes. Okay, fine I had nothing all that exciting to say about it. Had I bought the apartment I almost bought over a year ago, besides the fact that I would have had to move because it would have been too small for two people and a cat, I would have been a block from the location of TJs. That would have been cool. But would have been's aren't there anymore, they just lay on the floor til we sweep them away.

I think it's time for me to go someplace. Anyplace. I haven't been out in weeks. Especially since I'm quoting Neil and Babs (well, not quoting, just using some of their words).

Did I mention I just subscribed to the NY Times?

Posted by jamye at March 8, 2021 07:24 PM