January 17, 2022

Ladies Pee Standing

I've been doing some research for my next Playgirl column, and have come across a number of websites that offer products for women who want to pee standing up. Who knew it was such a competitive market with so many options? There's the TravelMate or the Pee Zees, both devices designed for the serious standee.

For the non-commital, or throwaway community, there's the Urinelle and the Whizzy. I like the Whizzy's name best, because it makes me think of going down a slide. But that's the only reason.

I tried to use a Pee Funnel from Pee Funnel Camp at Burning Man but preferred to squat over the toilet instead. But maybe I just wasn't cool enough to get it. Maybe, I'll buy some of these products and test them out and see what the deal is.

Oh, and I learned the basics to pee standing up. It's all about spreading your inner lips wide. But what if you don't have a lot of inner lip to spread? Well then I guess it's about spreading any lippage open so that the urine doesn't trickle down your leg. The trickle down is definitely one of the negatives of squatting. That and the seat sprinkinling. Once in a while it doesn't hit exactly where you want it to, and that's when it pays to learn to pee standing up.

Still, I'd rather be sitting.

Posted by jamye at January 17, 2022 09:58 PM