January 12, 2022

Cranks and Grandmas

I'm feeling bad today. Both emotionally and physically. Physically I've had this sort of clogged/stuffed up feeling in what I would refer to as my middle ear (not sure if that's exactly where it is, but that's where it feels like it is) and it's been over a month now, and I'm finally going to the doctor's next Friday - first appointment I could get - but in the meantime I've had dreams about relieving myself of the clogginess, and have also been suffering from some pretty intense frontal lobe headaches.

The Ear Structure.

I was so focused on my pain today, that when my brother called to tell me that he passed the pediatric boards, which means he's board certified as a pediatric doctor until 2012, I congratulated him and then immediately started rattling off the symptoms of my inner ear distress. This little "problem" has made me rethink my hypochondria. As a 31 year old woman, I have a bad case of the hypochondriacs (I don't care if it isn't proper usage of the word, it is now). And it's made me think hard about why I have such fears. After reading Many Lives, Many Masters, I'm thinking that I died of some pretty horrible diseases in my past lives. Anyway. Yawning and holding my nose and then swallowing aren't doing much to relieve my distress...and then...

more distress..

I went out to Lawn Guyland today to pick up a car from my parents so I could borrow it for the weekend. My almost 80 year old grandmother picked me up from the train station. She was getting out of the car to let me drive, but we were only going five blocks to the diner, and she's so bossy about how to go, that I said, "It's okay, it's five blocks, you drive grandma." Well, no more than like two steps before we would have been at the diner, this guy is opening his car door, and it opens right into my grandmother's front fender and now she has to get it fixed. I saw it all as it happened, but my grandmother isn't too quick with the reflexes and I feel bad that I even let her drive five blocks when I was in the car, and yes I know most accidents happen close to the destination, and that's why I feel even worse. It is only a car, and at least we're both fine, that's really the important thing. But this just gives my grandmother, a woman who worries about the health of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's unborn fetus, something else, something a little more personal, to worry about.

My head aches, and yes that means I have a headache. I'm entertaining in less than an hour. I'm heading upstate tomorrow. I hope I ache less by then. I always ache more after dark.

Oh, and I have BIG news - but it's not the kind of news I'm going to share at the end of cranky rant. Oh well, I guess it has to wait for another time. Actually I feel like I have a lot of BIG news in progress. But this one bit of information, it's officially official, and it's the first piece of BIG news this year. It has nothing to do with my career. But it makes me very, very happy.

Details to follow...

(but not now)

Posted by jamye at January 12, 2022 05:46 PM