January 02, 2022

Da Nu Yeer

Maxie, the World's Largest Goose says:

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Ho. Ho. Ho. Happy New Year.

I'm quickly approaching a deadline for a piece on food and sex. Do any of you have funny stories about having sex with food, or stories where food and sex happened in the same room at the same time? What foods do you like to use, and what foods do you avoid, when it comes to sex? Do you play with your food, even though you were probably told not to at a very young age? Answer any or all of the above questions and I'll be your best friend. Okay, no I won't, but I will most definitely reserve a place for you in the column...well, if I can. But yeah, email me today - hottwax@gmail.com - and tell me about your eating habits when it comes to sex..or something like that...or something totally different, I don't care, just make it about aphrodisiacs or food and definitely about sex.

Okay - NYE totally rocked. My parents rocked. My friends rock. 2006(66) is going to rock. How's that for positive attitude. I'm in Warrior One Phase of the New Year. Jonny and I have decided to become warriors this year, meaning no negative attitudes, no negative talk, only positive, forward moving thinking. Now, while I know as a warrior I'll fall off my - well, what does a warrior ride? - okay, more accurately, I'll fall on my ass a few times, but that's okay because that's part of the training and the requirements of Warrior One. When I get to Warrior Two, well, then I'll decide what the new requirements are, but for now, I'm determined to try hard to be positive. Or (at least) harder than I've tried before.

Some friends are calling the new year 2006(ex) which is quite clever and more appropriate than 2006(66), but I don't think my brain is working at the same capacity as their's right now, and therefore my devil reference works just fine for me. But I like the sex reference better, so maybe it doesn't work so fine after all. Hmm...I think I'm going to stop thinking now. I've been staring at a computer too long because instead of doing work, Jonny's finally decided we can start looking for an apartment together, and even though I have plenty of other things to worry about, moving in with him is the thing I care about most. I know, I know, in due time, don't rush it, whatever...but the truth is, I want a home, and I'm ready for a home now, as in yesterday really. So, I've been looking online all morning to find a place that meets our needs, even if our needs are never really met, and of course I'm not finding anything.

Who knows? Perhaps I'll find it...but right now all this looking at a computer screen is making me ill...so there's only one thing to do...

yes, that's right...and I'm doing it now.

Posted by jamye at January 2, 2022 02:18 PM