November 25, 2021

Philly Update #1


We've just returned "home" from The Squid and the Whale, that divorce flick starring Laura Linney and Jeff Daniels. Fantastic acting. Beautiful writing. Disturbing imagery. But what's up with the ending, or rather the lack of resolution in the non-ending? Don't mean to ruin anything for people who haven't seen it and have been desperately meaning to get themselves to the theater to pay upwards of $10/ticket (in Philadelphia we got a bargain at $9), but, no offense, for all the good work put into this really fantastic film, I feel like I paid some dirty massage parlor to jerk me off, only the hour was up before I came.

I wish we had slipped into The Protocols of Zion, because at least then, I might have felt complete. But we left the theater before I realized that the next piece of propoganda started in just a few minutes. So no two fer this time. On the walk home my boyfriend and I started discussing the movie that we didn't go see. He heard that the Protocols of Zion was some really bad propoganda, like that Walmart movie we saw, that it had a good message but that it took the Jew thing to an all new low. While I can understand what he means by this, in some way I have to think that all movies based on some sort of radical expression are looked at as propoganda - I mean Farenheit 911 got called the "p" word, and in a way it is, but so is the sh-t that our President talks on our local news channels before the children are even tucked away in bed.

And speaking of children, since speaking on propoganda will just get me to a place that will eventually lead to the same place that The Squid and the Whale led to, I will just say that I saw a 16 year old girl today, and I know for a fact she was 16 because I heard her aunt tell another lady that she was there with her 16 year old neice, but 16 doesn't look like I remember 16 looking...or did I really think I was as old as I was when I was 16, and only now I realize I'm not?

Phew. Too much thinking for the day after I prepared my first tofurkey. I now know that I don't just hate the taste of real turkey, but I also hate the taste of fake Turkey. But my boyfriend, the non-vegetarian vegetarian actually enjoyed the taste, and said it was the best tofurkey he's ever eaten, and also told his mother that he's eating tofurkey on Thanksgiving because that's what you do when you're in love, and that makes me love him even more than I already loved him which was a lot more than I ever thought I'd love anyone...

Other things I love:

Philadelphia (and the fact that it doesn't feel like we're in the U.S. right now)

Old colonial architecture

My friend Amy and her beautiful loft apt...the one that used to be an old wicker factory

Cooking...yes, this is even a surprise to me right now

A cat named Blue

Posted by jamye at November 25, 2021 10:50 PM