November 23, 2021

Merry (almost) Thanksgiving

Things I'm thankful for in 2005:

1. Love in my life (That means Jonny, that means friends, goddesses, family, and people who don't even know me, but still read my columns or like my writing, or like me for me, or whatever...)

2. Choice

3. Health, Happiness and Heat in the winter

4. The ability to follow my dreams

5. Things I can't remember but would hate to forget (that should cover everything else)

I have so many smart friends. I knew their were reasons to go to The Stud Farm, but when I wrote about it, I was also hoping other people would send me their reasons...and some of them did..

From my friend and the best expert I know on sex and technology, not that this has anything to do with technology, Regina Lynn:

As for what you're paying for ... it's the attention, the knowledge thtat the guy is pre-screened not to be after your fortune and he's not going to fall in love with you, the chance to try out fantasies in a safe environment with someone who won't make fun of you or say no, the chance to play Heroine in a Romance Novel

From my super radiant goddess light energy girl friendHeather:

Regarding the stud farm, perhaps some women are paying for the ability to let their hair down/ indulge their fantasies/ do the stuff they're afraid to ask a partner to do with them, without worrying about being judged -- after all, they might think that a guy they're paying for sex can't judge them for wanting to do something kinky. Just a thought .

Smart ladies. Thinking of things that I may have thought but never said, so in that case does it really matter? It's like, if a tree falls in the woods and no one hears it, did it make a loud crash?

I leave for Philadelphia today. To spend a few days next to the tomb of Ben Franklin and the house of Betsy Ross. But what I'm most excited about is that I get to play 'house' with my boyfriend, and we get to spend 3.65 days, or 4 if you don't wan't to be as anal about being exact as I am, together and alone. As in, nowhere else to go, no one else to see. I've been looking forward to this for a while, because I feel like even though we spend a lot of time together in New York, it's not the quality time I often want it to be. The only bad part is that we're both sort of sick and TMI! TMI! STOP READING IF YOU DON"T WANT TOO MUCH INFORMATION!!!! I'm bleeding like I've been shot between the legs, and it's still a week before I should be getting my period, and I know this for a fact since I'm on the pill. But having just called my fantastic gyno, I'm not worried. Apparently, I shouldn't be worried until this happens three months in a row, but still when you have an apartment to yourself and a whole weekend away, it's no fun to be seeing red.

I'm going to try to blog again tomorrow, but since it's Thanksgiving I might not. I want to try to think of something sappy to do this T-day with my B-friend, but I'm not in a sappy state of mind right now. In fact, I'm still in a, how many ways can I clear my nose in one day, sort of headspace.

We're doing Thanksgiving alone, just me and him. No other family, no other friends, and I'm planning on cooking. Cooking is something fairly new to me, and therefore, I even had to get detailed instructions on how to make mashed potatoes - but I can't wait to "slave away over a hot stove." The cooking, the cuddling, the tofurkey. I've never had tofurkey, and I secretly hope it's nothing like the real thing, since I've always hated turkey. Too dry, and no, I don't like dark meat, well at least not when it comes to birds (at least, when I ate birds).

Gobble Gobble.

Posted by jamye at November 23, 2021 01:04 PM