November 03, 2021

The two types of women

(We are not the two types of women I refer to, but...) Me and the cutest baby in the world. Oh, and the book I'm in.

My horoscope, the only one I like to read anymore on a semi-regular basis, told me that this week I should try to avoid all negative thoughts and to see how nice and happy that would make me feel. But I think that there's something about getting my period that makes me depressed (which bothers me even more because I know that right now I should be really happy) and makes it harder for me to be positive during the week when itís suggested that I try to do it. Couldn't this have been my horoscope like next week or something?

Today was a challenge, because there are two types of women in New York. Well, at least, two types of women. One is the bitchiest of bitch types and one is the friendly, helpful type. The first showed up when I was at the gym and running to get into the shower before heading back to work. When I arrived at the showers, the towel rack had been overrun by one lady and her two towels. As I politely moved the towels to make room for my own small towel, she abruptly opened her shower curtain and gave me a look that said "what the fuck are you doing touching my towels." Only she didn't say it, and when I saw her, I said "I'm sorry, I'm just moving your towels to make room for mine." She literally huffed and grabbed her towels and moved them into her shower stall. So, I put my towel on the rack and proceeded to clean myself, trying to scrub the evil muck of that nasty lady off of my body. And as she left the shower stall I watched her glare into my curtain, as if she couldnít believe what I had done, as if I had tried to steal her boyfriend or something like that. I almost said something to her when I got out of the shower, but I was trying so hard not to be negative.

Then, I was walking down the street, still thinking about what a bitch that shower lady was, when a nice, helpful lady told me about a stitch that hadn't been removed from my beautiful new jacket. I honestly didn't realize it was supposed to be removed, as I had never purchased a swanky corduroy jacket before, but she promptly and nicely informed me of my naivety. I made up some lie, like I must have forgotten this morning because I was simply too tired, but I didn't really care because, like I said, how am I supposed to know such things?

But the fact that she was nice and helpful helped counteract the yucky feelings from earlier in the hour.

But now, hours later, Iím back to wanting to punch the bitch, or maybe poke her in the eyes. Not that I've ever poked anyone in the eyeballs before, but it just seems appropriate for the disgusting glares she shot me earlier in the day. I think Iím just tired..and a tad bit cranky. Nothing that a night with some goddesses wonít fix. Yes, thatís right, tonight is goddess night, something some of my friends and I started to empower us women. Because I donít want to be the bitchy shower lady. At least not in this lifetime.

Posted by jamye at November 3, 2021 04:07 PM