November 02, 2021

A quick summary of: THE READING

Yes, I bra strap is showing.

It feels good to feel like a rockstar or a pornstar or whatever type of star gets to do readings at the Virgin Megastore.

It was nice to read something I'd actually written, and nice to listen to other contributers from the book. Such a fantastic group of rock solid women. I totally have this super high admiration for Joanna Angel, and I was stoked when she actually came up to me last night and introduced herself. She told me that she's been hearing a lot about me, and really loved the chapter I wrote for the book, and I was just blown away. "I love everything you do," I told her, totally meaning it, but completely flabbergasted at the fact that I was in the same fucking book as her, Nina Hartley, Violet Blue, Jewel DeNyle, and so many other rockstar women.

It feels surreal. Not real like the splinter in my foot or the fact that my hands are getting so dry because the weather is changing, or that the sun is setting before 5PM...but suh-real. None of that real stuff matters right now. All I know is, I want to do more bookreadings...and I want to do them NOW!

Tonights the party that goes with the book. It seems like everybody in New York was invited to this party, and I am hoping that I can hang out til the end. It's just that I hate places where you can't move or breathe or even hear yourself think. But I know there are people I haven't seen in years coming to this thing, so I'm super excited about that. And that's what happened last night too. Some friends came out of the woodwork. My friend H.'s baby simply stole the show though. She was so cute, and when Nina Hartley came over to me to tell me that it was nice to finally meet in person (we have known each other for years, but only via the phone or email) she wasn't nearly as excited as she was when she met my friend's baby. And that's when I learned that if Nina Hartley hadn't been such an exhibionist swinger, she would have become a midwife and not a pornstar.

To sum it all up - overall the reading rocked. I felt I did a great job and had that amazing adrenaline rush that performing can give you. Especially performing my own work. Reading out loud inspired me and stirred something up inside of me. I'm in fight and conquer mode, and I mean that in the best way possible (and I've been in this mode all week). And now, tonight, I get to party...but not like it's 1999.

Posted by jamye at November 2, 2021 05:04 PM