November 06, 2021

Not so super Diamond

Why is it that when I have so much to do, and an important - scratch that - ultra important meeting in less than three hours, I want to - no scratch that too -I need to, or you might even say HAVE to, stop what I'm doing and write my blog. I don't like to go more than 48 hours without updating...but I'm not sure why I get that way. I have OCD..this I know, and I think blogging has become my latest OCD, so that's maybe why I get this way.

Oh, well...thanks for sharing....(that's me, talking to me)

Last night, I did something I've never done before. Something that I probably won't pay to do again, unless it's for the man himself, but something that I was glad I got to observe from a mere socio-cultural perspective. I bought a $26 ticket to see a band called Superdiamond. They're this Neil Diamond coverband, or more accurately a group of dorky guys that got together to play Neil Diamond songs and get chicks. The lead singer really sounds like Neil, but the rest of the band seems replaceable. I imagine if they didn't have this band that got to play at venues like Irving Plaza in NYC, they might never get laid. But that's not really what I wanted to talk about observing at all. My observation was this: there was so many more men there than I thought there would be. Not as many Jews as at the Heeb Magazine party (I just assumed Neil attracted a largely Jewish crowd) but still, a lot more men, and some of them attractive men, who admittedly like Neil Diamond enough to pay money to see some band cover his songs. It was strange, because I've always regarded Neil as more of a ladies man, but last night, I think the guys may have outnumbered the gals. Now granted, the men might have been there for the same reason I think these guys formed the band (to get laid, remember?) but they were there.

It was strange. The whole thing was just plain weird. And they didn't even play a lot of songs off The Jazz Singer soundtrack. Which is, in my opinion, the quintessential Neil.

But, what do I know? Apparently not all that many Neil Diamond songs...

Posted by jamye at November 6, 2021 09:52 AM