October 24, 2021

Useless info and then some


Today is 18 years since I had my Bat Mitzvah. 18 years to the day...and having just watched the video the other day for the first time since the year it was made (1987) and now realizing that it's 18 years, I say...shit, time flies.

Oh, and today is United Nations Day. I only remember that because it was also my bat mitzvah, and that year (1987), it was also the day you turn back your clocks in the United States.

Done with the useless info. for now. Here's the "and then some."
Okay. So here's the LD on the BDay. I loved the concept of Camp D, and the idea of camping in the Irish Catskills for my bday. But truth be told, it was rather hard and well, too hard a way to spend a birthday. The rain started at 4AM Saturday morning, just a few hours after we set up camp and went to bed in all of our clothing (temps were below 32 degrees Farenheit). In the morning my boyfriend asked me what the coldest part of my body was, and since my nose had been sticking out from in between our sleeping bags it was the easiest answer I could give. We didn't need to get dressed in the morning, we just needed to get out. So we went to a breakfast nook, the kind that isn't all that classy and hates city slickers, and decided to enjoy a nice warm french toast and eggs kind of morning.

Then we went back to camp, only it never stopped raining and camp was on top of a hill and I couldn't feel my toes, and I'm not complaining just for the record -and after a few hours hanging out with some very cool people (the best part of the camping experience outside of tent sex and tent bonding in my opinion) we went back into "town" although it wasn't really a town and tried to find a place for dinner. But first we went to one of those haunted mansions that you can only find in places where there's not much to do, and paid $10 a ticket (upstate New York prices are just as high as New York City ones) and got a little bit scared by the Jason character carrying the chain saw. Then we went to Darbys for a nice Irish dinner, where L. (my best friend) started to feel rather not so good and it was there that we decided, it being my birthday and all, to get a fab motel room for the night, and thus to deal with our camping gear in the morning. Only it wasn't fab, it was pre-fab, but it was super fine. And the hotel office, which was really the hotel managers house, had a parrot that repeated phrases I uttered and made me realize, that yes, sometimes I do have a Valley Girl accent.

And my boyfriend and my best friend bought me very thought filled presents and I cried in the car on the ride home for a number of reasons.

1. I realized how much these two people truly cared about me, and really, really knew me.

2. I realized how much this potentially beautiful weekend sucked weatherwise.

3. I realized how much I loved my boyfriend because of who he is and how for a good bit of time I was getting into some patterning that involved me acting not so pretty and that I was jeopardizing our relationship because of it (there will be a cheesy Steppin Out piece this Thursday that goes even further on this one)

4. I realized I don't want to go camping in late October in upstate New York.

Oh, there were lots of other things I realized, but I decided to leave it at the prefab four. Not because I don't love typing, but because I'm feeling rather lazy now. I need to go home and unpack from the disaster. Everything is wet. Which is sometimes a good thing, and sometimes its not.

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