October 25, 2021

Sex on Radio

jamyeandjonnycampd05.jpg Camping with the flova turned boyfriend. Bday Weekend '05.

I'm trying to record some radio minutes for a big radio channel that's looking to spice up their packaged content, only if it gets to sexy then they can't use it. I left terrestrial radio a few years ago, and now I sort of know why. It's hard to say anything without offending someone or the FCC. Hopefully I managed to find a way to do it, but I haven't heard back from the staff yet. In the meantime, here are the questions I'm going to answer and the briefest answer I can give (the answers for radio are longer):

I'll let you know if they are actually ever going to see the light of day, or more accurately the radio dial...

1. Do girls like guys with chest/back hair?

Yes and No and not necessarily in that order.

2. What kind of underwear do girls like to see on guys?

Boxer briefs.

3. What's the best/worst way for a guy to approach a girl at a bar?

No pickup lines. No arrogance. Innocence. Interest and a Genuine Smile.

4. Do girls really like porn?

Yes. But not all of them.

5. How long should a guy wait to call after the first date?

No more than 72 hours.

6. How far can a guy go on the first date?

As far as he wants, but if he likes her, not that far.

7. Do girls get beer goggles too?

Yes. Beer Goggling is an equal opportunity sport.

The audience is high school/college boys, and these are the questions. I'm excited that the producer thought of me to do the segment, but it's a lot of work for no money...yes, no money...but that's okay, because I'm all about spreading the message.

I did it for sex. Yes mom and dad, you heard me correctly, I DID IT FOR SEX.

Posted by jamye at October 25, 2021 04:42 PM