October 20, 2021

Cell Phones, Birthdays, and Steppin' Out

yomkippur05_heebpic 007.jpg the full monty. only it's not monty. it's a picture of my picture in Heeb Magazine. Buy the damn magazine and you can see a better copy of it. That's not a suggestion, that's an order.

Now, Jewish Guilt....(well, sort of)

I am definitely guilty of talking on my cell phone at inappropriate moments, i.e. when I'm out with my friends or in a store, but I have been making a conscious effort to be aware of when, why and how I handle such situations. I try not to talk on the phone if it can be avoided, or excuse myself from the situation for a while, or whatever, and even though I am guilty at times, it's still such a pet peeve of mine when people talk on their cell phones at the most inappropriate of moments.

I'm in the middle of a violent temper streak for some reason, constantly wanting to start fights or punch inappropriate people. And while I'm not punching people (I have started a few fights over the past few days) I had to hold myself back yesterday.

I was at one of those generic salad bar lunch places when I saw her. She was an attractive, 30 something business casual woman who was in line in front of me to "create her own salad." Only, the whole time she was instructing the nice salad-maker-man on the ingredients she wanted, she was also conducting a HEAVY business conversation on the phone. She should have either a. gone outside, finished the conversation and then got the salad or b. told the person on the phone that she'd have to call them back in a few minutes, that she was just grabbing lunch. But she should not have c. stayed on the damn phone, trying to multi-task, but really just appearing overly rude in the process.

I didn't like her at all, and I didn't like her cell phone etiquette either, damn it.

Now that that's off my chest, I'm heading over to New Jersey to the Steppin' Out offices, to meet the staff and other writers, all of whom I've never met before. I've been writing for the magazine for the past three years, because my friend and former co-worker is the Editor. Apparently my column does really well, although I think it did better before I had a boyfriend, because now, no single men email me to ask me out, not that I'm unhappy about that, it's just that before, when I was "eligible" I think my readers liked me more, but whatever...I like me more now and that's what matters. Still, I'm heading up to the offices to meet the staff and the advertisers and schmooze. I'm excited, albeit a bit nervous. What if I don't live up to their expectations?

Well, hopefully I will (live up to their expectations). Speaking of expectations, don't expect me to blog for a few days after today. I'm going on a camping trip this weekend to celebrate MY BIRTHDAY. Yes, that's right, this Saturday I turn 31. Doesn't sound as glamorous as last year, when I turned 30, and I guess that's because it's not. I was talking to a 30 something woman the other day and she categorized the 30's like this:

31-33: young 30s
33-36: mid 30s
37-40: upper 30s or just plain getting up there

But I think the 30's is the prime of your life. And I'm ripe and ready to be primed. So, yeah, it's my birthday celebration, all weekend long. (And maybe next week too, depending on how I feel about it)!!!

If I don't get to write tomorrow, I'll write again - after the age change.

Posted by jamye at October 20, 2021 01:14 PM