October 18, 2021

To drink or not to drink


It's official, and still a little ways away, but if you're like me and make plans pretty far in advance, then now is a good time to mark this in my calendar.

Okay. Naked Ambition, the book I'm a contributor in - will be having a reading on Tuesday, November 1st.

At the Virgin Megastore Union Square. It'd be nice to see some faces that were happy to see me...

Otherwise, I'm feeling blah today. Had a discussion with the boy last night about drinking. He doesn't do it and well, I do. Not all the time, but sometimes I like to drink, to have a few glasses of wine or vodka to unwind. I don't need it, but sometimes I just want a drink. He likes me better sober, when I'm not saying things like, "do you love me?" or "how much do you love me?" I like me sober too, but sometimes I like to have a drink.

He's not such a big fan of "the drunk Jamye". He doesn't drink. He doesn't have to, I don't care, if he does or doesn't, although I do like that we have more sober sex then I've had in years, but for some reason I feel like he's judging me when I choose to drink. I don't like being judged by anyone.

Can't he just accept my drunken ass every once in a while? Is that so wrong?

Posted by jamye at October 18, 2021 04:40 PM