October 17, 2021


Heeb Magazine is out, and although I can't find it on newstands anywhere, I've been assured that it's getting attention. In fact, I found this on Page Six.

October 15, 2021 -- THE hottest scenes in the Bible, "Heeb"-style, have been declared too hot for browsers at Barnes & Noble. After Heeb magazine shipped its sex issue, Ingram, the country's largest magazine distributor, called the publisher insisting it seal all issues in poly bags before they would be sent to Barnes & Noble, which has carried previous issues of the self-de scribed "new Jew review" unbagged. In addition to photos of comic Sarah Silverman wearing nothing but a sheet with a hole in it, the fall issue has an 11-page spread of illustrations reinterpreting Old Testament scenes, including one showing Onan and his brother's wife caught doing what Onan is famous for, and perhaps most disturbing of all a Cory Feldman center fold.

I thought my shofar blowing antics were salacious, but apparently there's a pic of some guy "spilling his seed." In case you didn't know what Onan's sin was, it was that he spilled semen for purposes outside of procreation. A lot of people think Onan's sin was masturbation, but apparently after Onan's brother - Er - was killed Onan was told to go make it with his brother's wife and have babies. Onan didn't want to have babies that wouldn't be considered his own, and so refused to allow the semen to swim up into his sister-in-laws womb. Therefore, according to the devout types, he wasted precious material. Whatever. I just want to see the picture in Heeb. Really. Oh, and the Cory Feldman centerfold. It's so bad, it's good.

Speaking of Heebs..oh, yeah, let's get personal.

I brought my boyfriend home to meet the family, as in my father's extended family, this past week for the Jewish Day of Atonement, a.k.a. Yom Kippur. A non-Jew, he had his first temple experience AND fasted (something he's done on other occassions for other reasons) and I think in some weird way the whole experience brought us closer. We realized we were some sort of unit that could operate together, as one, at times, when needed. Not eunuch, in case you read wrong, but unit.

Okay. I could talk more about it, about the fact that one of my cousin's was totally intuitive to him, or that I think my whole family adores him, but I don't want to.

So, I'll conveniently change ths subject.

I just heard the phrase "bitch tits" uttered by a gay coworker. I had never heard that phrase before, but I kind of like it. It's dirty and well, dirty.

And I just recorded Playgirls Sexpod 06. It might not be up yet, but it will be up shortly. It's an interview with a video editor at Playgirl TV and lots of juicy info on lube. Are you going to listen?

Posted by jamye at October 17, 2021 05:48 PM