September 23, 2021


me_redlion.bmp The Real Me.

I am wired right now, thanks to Regina Lynn and some beautiful press today!


Swelling Demand for Sex Ed Online

Maybe I shouldn't have said pussy (in the last sentence). I mean I'm comfortable with the word, but maybe it's not the best to make other people comfortable. And the first line, yes, the United States is less comfortable but truth is, it's never been comfortable with sex. We are one of the most sexually repressed Western countries in the world when it comes to sex.

Still, when I read something like this...I'm like, is that really me? I mean I know it's me, and I know that I said these things, but who am I?

I'm Jean Valjean...
did anyone get my Les Mis reference?

The article even made it on fark.

Which is like totally crazy, but not like loony crazy, just like wow, I'm-on-fark-crazy.

I also watched this video online today. It's for the The floating island. I tried to find it when I walked over the Williamsburg Bridge this morning. No such luck. But who needs that luck, when you've just been written up on

I'm all about the Internet now.

Posted by jamye at September 23, 2021 11:48 AM