September 26, 2021

Fall(ing)...but not actually falling

It's not the first time it feels like fall in New York (it felt like fall all weekend long), but it is the first day that it's feeling like fall while I'm working in an office, and for that reason alone, it's the first day that I want to crawl back into bed, and not do anything.

Why is it that my bones ache and I feel sick just because there's a chill in the air? It's not that I don't enjoy fall, because I do, in fact it's my favorite season (and the time of year that happens to bring me birthday presents as well), but those initial moments when I'm reminded that winter isn't all that far away, it's those moments that make me not want to do anything. Is that the sign of someone with a mental disorder? I hope not, because most of the time I feel sane.

I should probably continue to act all professional, as after checking my web server statistics this weekend I now know that thanks to Regina Lynn and the Wired piece, I've had a lot of new views on my site. So yes, welcome to the professional blog of a professional sex educator.

Okay. That should do the trick. And if not, I'll get off of talk about me and my sanity..and show examples of just how sane I am.

WTF (What the %$!*) is Bush thinking declaring a war on porn?! We're still fighting a war on terror last time I checked, and that war wasn't going so well, so, why is he trying to fight another war on another front this very minute?

Now granted, I am a sex educator who has dabbled in the adult industry, mainly behind the scenes, but still I've been on more than my share of adult film sets. And while I have only been more than mildly uncomfortable once, and with good reason - but I don't want to go there because thank goddess the film never even made it out of the camera - and no, I wasn't on camera - but still, while I understand that there are some bad people making bad movies, why declare a war on everyone..including the people like me, people who are trying to make this a better world for better sex? Adult films are not going away. They are not going to disappear because Mr. Pwesident saw a movie he didn't like, or because his daddy told him that this would make him popular with the people. And furthermore, I wouldn't be surprised if the whole Cabinet watched more adult movies than your average adult movie afficianado. People can make movies in the privacy of their own homes, so why should anyone limit our rights to express ourselves freely? If you don't want to watch an adult movie, don't go online and surf for adult stuff, don't rent adult DVD's, don't stay on the channels that showcase sex - because you, Mr. Pwesident, have the right to choose, just like I do.

Sorry, the soapbox was looking a bit dusty. But now I've cleaned off the cobwebs and have made sure that it's still usable. And, I'll be damned, it still works.

In other not-so-exciting-and-completely-unrelated-news, I went last minute to see Fiddler on the Roof on Broadway yesterday. The boyfriend had never seen a Broadway show before, and after living in New York for three years, I thought it was time he had that experience. If you can afford the experience (after getting half price tickets we still paid $53/ticket!!!), and you like the Jews, I suggest seeing Fiddler on the Roof while Harvey Firestein is playing the lead role of Tevye. He was so was so great. Rosie O'Donnell (did you know she has a blog?!) played his wife, which was kind of funny. Here you have a flaming queer and a butch dyke lesbian playing an old, Jewish, married couple, and it is a bit ironic...of course, I mean that in the nicest of ways. Altough Rosie, she's nothing to stand up and give an ovation about, even if some people did just that, just because she has some level of "more popular than most people" fame, still that doesn't mean she deserves accolades for bad acting.

Or maybe it does?

First it's the war on porn. Then it's the way society worships celebrity. Perhaps if I could get Rosie to star in an adult movie, the world would be a happier place. On second thought...maybe it wouldn't.

Posted by jamye at September 26, 2021 04:56 PM