September 22, 2021

Sex Stories to Share?

nyu033005 011.jpg Have your cake and eat it too..

I'm about to start writing a third column for a weekly Philly paper. I'll tell you more when the first column is published, which will be in a week or so. I don't think my boyfriend will love the column, but I wanted to write something honest and well, honest, and it's a bit more personal than I've gotten before, at least when it comes to talking about him in a public space.

One of the features that they're trying to get started, is going to be a best sex/worst sex bit that will run as a sidebar on some of the pages. So, if anyone wants to share a best sex/worst sex story with me, I'd love to see about getting it published..and yes, anonymously if need be.

Let's see..I'm going to think of one of mine.'s hard to do a best sex story when you're in a relationship, especially if the story you're going to write about does not involve your current love. Not that it couldn't, but a juicier best sex story is one that, oh, forget it, I don't want to dig myself any holes that I can't easily get out of. I'll have to think of a worst sex story. Worst sex. Well, what if my parents read this? (Which sometimes I know my dad does)..oh, okay..DAD STOP READING NOW..or SCROLL DOWN UNTIL YOU SEE THE DASHES AND THE LINE AND START READING AGAIN...(hopefully that will be enough of a precautionary measure).

Okay, worst sex..while I don't think I've had sex that would make me cringe, okay, but bad sex is incompatible sex. I remember this one time, in my old apartment on 28th and 2nd, years back, I just started dating this really smart lawyer guy, and he really liked me and I wanted to really like him, but our sex was so off. After sex he actually asked me why I might have thought the sex was bad too, which was strange to hear, because yes, it can deflate an ego, and because even if I was thinking that the sex was bad, I wasn't sure that I had the eggs to admit it to him. At least not this soon...(we had only had sex like twice). But still, he asked and I didn't have an answer but agreed, and I did think that maybe we shouldn't be dating, but he thought we should try to work through it and so we did (try) but it didn't work (the relationship). Fine, not as detailed a story as I'd like others to share, but it's a start.

So, worst sex stories anyone? Best sex stories? You can send me an email. Please.

-----------------------------------------DAD THIS LINES FOR YOU----------------
So much excitement in the news today!!

Like this from the NY Times:

"After more than a decade of false starts, New York City officials announced yesterday that they had selected a company to remake the city's jumbled streetscape by providing aesthetic order to its thousands of bus shelters and newsstands and, perhaps most intriguing, installing 20 freestanding public toilets on city streets."

Yeah!!!..public make going to the bathroom a little easier here in New York City. I do hope that they're smell proof because it would be pretty gross to imagine smelling an overflowing toilet, packed full with diarhhea on the corner of 42nd and 5th, on your way to work. And...Does 20 toilets throughout Manhattan sound like a lot to you? It doesn't to me.

But this is my favorite headline in a long time from Slate:
Ass Backwards: The media's silence about rampant anal sex.

I could go into detail about what the story is about, but I'm not in the mood. Still, anal sex is rampant. As I was walking to work today, I saw at least four people engaging in anal acts on the street. I can't believe how out of control it's gotten. People are foaming at the mouth from anal sex. I mean seriously. It's spreading like weeds. I don't know what to do about it. No butt is safe.

Okay, yes, I've had enough.

Posted by jamye at September 22, 2021 04:54 PM