September 17, 2021

My show...mine...

Me. Being well.

iTunes hasn't accepted my podcast yet. I have the techies at the Playgirl website looking in to adding an RSS feed to the page they're creating on the webiste, since, as I record more and more podcasts, they'll need a place where they can grow. I've recorded my second podcast and it should be up on Monday. I just sent my first podcast to podcastalley, and I'm working on getting it up on other sites as well. The more involved I get in this podcast thing, the more and the better I want to make them. Although the one I recorded yesterday - I think I sound cranky in that one - but that's okay because, like I said, the more I make, the better I want to be, that's what I realized after making the cranky one yesterday. I sound cranky because I was cranky. But yeah, this podcast thing, it's something for me to get easily excited about. I love radio. I love sex. I love broadcasting. I love life. Fuck, yes, there, I said it. Even at times when it isn't going my way or it's hard, I love life. At least I love life while I can appreciate it.

Walking to the coffee shop where I've spent the last few hours being as productive as I was when I was at home cleaning my room for the first time in weeks, I made eye contact with a man who asked me how I was doing. Now a lot of New Yorkers might smile and move on, but I like to sometimes address the questions that are being asked of me directly. "I'm well, thank you" I smiled and yes, walked on. "At least someone is" he replied.

Lots of people are well, at least well enough not to have lots of things to complain about...and that's a good thing. Sure I might have bit some nails too low, or scratched a bug bite too hard, or maybe I've had a few more dizzy spells than I'm accustomed to, especially in the morning, or in the afternoon at work, but lately I've gotten rather dizzy if I stand up too fast, but still, I'm well. At least I think that the dizzy spells are nothing to worry about and that I'm well.

Anyway. Life is swell and I'm well, and making podcasts is fun. Soon, I'll invite guests onto my show. I like the idea of having a "my show" because for so many years it was other people's shows that I was involved in.

The podcast goes up Monday, I'll remember to remind you or remind you to remember. Whichever.

Posted by jamye at September 17, 2021 01:34 PM